View Full Version : Almia model

26th June 2008, 01:37
Here's a gorgeous model whose image I discovered on the Big Is Beautiful magazine site.

I have no idea who she is, and the picture doesn't offer any sense of her figure, but I had to post because...well, just LOOK at that gorgeous complexion! She may have the most beautiful complexion of any model since Shannon Marie. Her skin is so fair, and she just has a slight flush that gives her cheeks a rosy hue. She glows! Blonde too, of course. Even her eyebrows look perfect.


It would be a pity if she were just a faux-plus model, because her facial features are stunning.

Almia itself is a Scandinavian company with an unfortunate tendency to enlist straight-size or faux-plus models. But still, I thought this lovely ad deserved a mention. A model with a look like this, a complexion like this, but in, say, a size 18- nothing could be more perfect.