View Full Version : A sad story - Ruslana Korshunova

M. Lopez
1st July 2008, 05:29
Most everyone has now heard of the tragic suicide of straight-size model Ruslana Korshunova. The tale is particularly heartbreaking because, at a time when most models are pointedly unattractive, Ruslana had a genuinely pretty face, and deserved the "fairytale beauty" epithet that her agent bestowed on her.


I see a bit of Kelsey, Kailee, etc. If she had been a plus-size model, she would have been one of the loveliet of all.

Here is one of the many stories covering her passing,


and one item stood out in bold letters to me:

The model, a size 4, appeared to have dropped a lot of weight from her already thin frame and was complaining about a stomachache in the four or five days before her death. She also told her manager "she didn't know what to do with her life," her ex told the Post.
She was diminishing her already-wasted frame before she died. Is it too much to see a cause and effect here? Perhaps not. Consider how many models, already emaciated, have been forced by the industry to starve themselves even further.

Whether that was the case here or not, or whether the model herself felt pressure to make herself even more skeletal, it is beyond doubt that living a life of perpetual malnourishment will take a terrible toll on a person's psychological and physical health.

This is another extremely distressing indication of the deplorable conditions of the modern model's life. And it's sobering to think that maybe, just maybe, if this young girl had been allowed to nourish herself properly, to eat normally, she might have had a long and happy life.