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29th July 2008, 05:50
How lovely! I just stumbled across the newest photos of Americas Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson, and I was enraptured. These are by far the prettiest pictures Ive seen of her since the show, and in a different way, I like them even more than her Seventeen magazine bikini layout (which I enjoyed too).


She looks SO cute, so youthful. The longer hair enhances her beauty immeasurably, and that is such a pretty dress that shes wearing. I especially like the ruffles and ruching at the bust. Her expression is dreamy-eyed and gentle. And if youll notice, she actually has quite shapely legs.

More pictures at the link:


M. Lopez
29th July 2008, 12:21
Very nice indeed. The dress, the sweater, and even the bicycle have a vintage quality, giving the photos an appealing Old World look. And the hairstyle is very becoming on her. It reminds me of her CoverGirl poster.


There are a few more behind-the-scenes pictures, and in larger format, at this page:


29th July 2008, 16:44
Yet more images here, along with further information:


According to the page, this images are from Whitney's shooting of a cosmetics TV commercial. However, what's puzzling is that the page states that the commercial is for Revlon, which seems hard to believe. Doesn't the ANTM winner have a one-year CoverGirl contract? Could a model work for two makeup companies at the same time?

But whoever this IS for- CoverGirl or Revlon- it's still a wonderful feather in the cap for a plus-size model, especially since it's a television commercial. And best of all, it will feature Whitney looking feminine and pretty.


30th July 2008, 14:38
Surely her prettiest to date. Lovely campaign.

1st August 2008, 12:15
I hope it's for Revlon. I can't wait for all the thin lovers to be stunned over the news.

1st August 2008, 15:19
The same site that posted the first pictures now also has a page which shows you how to assemble Whitney's look for yourself. The most interesting piece is of course the dress, which comes from Forever 21: