View Full Version : Kailee: Anna Scholz ads

M. Lopez
4th August 2008, 15:59
I was delighted to see that Kailee O'Sullivan is now represented by Hughes in London. At her Hughes page, I found several new ads for the British plus-size label Anna Scholz. I'm not usually a fan of Anna Scholz advertising, as it veers towards the weirdness of straight-size fashion, but these pictures are stunning.

Kailee looks especially delicious in this ad, which shows off her curves so well. Her skin tone is angelic.


Also, this is an absolutely gorgeous headshot. She has such a beautiful profile, and I love how her hair flows in huge curls around her face.


This dress is a little loose, but the colour is vibrant and fun, and I adore the flower in Kailee's hair.


Very attractive pictures from one of my all-time favourite models.


4th October 2008, 01:56
I found a tiny collage of these and other Anna Scholz pictures of Kailee at the Web site of a New York plus-size boutique:


Lovely, aren't they? Uncharacteristically beautiful pictures for Anna Scholz; much prettier than any previous images from this designer. Kailee obviously inspired her. And notice how curvy Kailee looks in the coat.

From the URL, I'm guessing that these photos are from her forthcoming S/S 2009 line.

There's only this one collage so far. I look forward to seeing the images full-size.