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17th September 2005, 05:27
If anyone still needed a good reason NOT to diet, here it is -


The conclusions the article lists are really frightening -

- "Any weight loss can result in thinning hair"
- "even a [so-called] sensible diet may cause some accelerated hair loss"
- "nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair loss"

It makes the question "Why would anyone do this to themselves?" that much more incomprehensible. So not only do you look older and haggard when you lose weight, you even go bald. Yikes.

How can anybody still believe that starving makes you look "better"? Just how deep does the brainwashing go?

18th September 2005, 19:15
<br>Indeed, when one steps back and considers the situation objectively, it is simply incomprehensible that today's androgynous standard ever took hold of society.

Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

What if someone were to create a <i>magical product,</i> the ingestion of which would have the following effects on women:

- it would preserve the youthful softness of their facial features
- it would endow them with more voluptuous, more desirable figures
- it would give them more curvaceous shapes, on which their clothing would look better
- it would strengthen their bodies with natural resistance against the wasting effects of age, and enable them to live longer lives
- it would keep their tresses looking thick and full, and would help them avoid hair loss

and, on top of everything else,

- women would have a natural <i>desire</i> for it, and experience great enjoyment in the process of ingesting it.

This "miracle product" would possess all of the supposed benefits of injections, plastic surgery, prescription drugs, expensive shampoos, etc., and yet, as a naturally-occurring item, it would have none of the ill effects associated with those artificial developments.

And consider further that, if women denied themselves this of special product, the following effects would result:

- their facial features would age prematurely, and they would end up looking hard, drawn, and haggard
- their figures would diminish--and most rapidly and dramatically in the areas that are primarily associated with desirability (e.g., the bust)
- their bodies would be more vulnerable to disease
- they would go around all day feeling listless, from lack of energy
- hair loss would ensue

and, as if to confirm the necessity of this "miracle product" for life,

- when denied of it, women would experience constant, gnawing discomfort, as a physical cue to alert them to the fact that their self-denial was damaging their bodies.

If someone could market such a product, they would make millions. It would be considered a panacea, a gift from the heavens, like the ambrosia of the gods.

And yet, shockingly, this scenario is not hypothetical at all, because this "miracle product" already exists. It is provided in abundant supply by mother nature.

It is called . . . <strong>"food."</strong><p><center><img src="http://judgmentofparis.com/forum/iEat.jpg"></center><p>Here we have the most effective of all "beauty products," free for the taking by anyone wishing to become a goddess.

Contributors to this forum have posted an array of scientific and medial studies that have confirmed each of the above findings about the aesthetically beneficial effects of food, along with the aesthetically ruinous effects that women experience when they deprive themselves of it.

And yet, we live in a society that has--improbably, impossibly--convinced women that this natural beauty treatment has the opposite aesthetic effect.

One would be hard pressed to find a more glaring example of counter-intuitive brainwashing in human history. Nevertheless, we see its effects around us, every day--and few of us ever stop and consider just how insane the situation really is.

All that one can say to explain it is that this is what happens when a society cuts itself off from its cultural roots. But hopefully, now that the modern world is slowly rediscovering those roots, the scales (pun intended) will fall from our collective eyes, and we will all rediscover the true ideal of feminine beauty.

Fluvia modelling for MonifC, Fall 2005:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/fluvia03.jpg"></center><p>Would any women really wish to deprive themselves of the ability to grow luxuriant tresses such as hers, simply through needless starvation?

19th September 2005, 00:06
What a beautiful picture of Fluvia! The opulent colors of her clothes and the chairs are perfect.