View Full Version : Barbara -- Reitmans, Fall '08

10th August 2008, 00:09
Well, I don't mind saying that I've missed seeing Barbara terribly in recent months, which is why I'm delighted that the new Fall 2008 campaign from Reitmans features several new images of the definitive plus-size model.

Most gorgeous is this one. Barbara has highlights in her hair now, and they look wonderful.


There are several more pictures of Barbara at the Reitmans site -- all very pretty, although I do miss the creative photoshoots that Reitmans used to do, taking the models outside into a lifestyle location. Perhaps when the next flyer is released, there may be some images of that kind.


11th August 2008, 21:24
Barbara is SO pretty. She has always been one of my favorite plus-size models. I'm glad to see her in a new campaign, although I agree that Reitmans used to produce really interesting and beautiful outdoor photoshoots. I miss those.


The clothing is basic, but Barbara makes it beautiful.

M. Lopez
9th September 2008, 17:19
Reitmans has now added several more images of Barbara to its fall lineup. Here she is in a signature pose, the modest look:


You can also see more new pictures in the latest e-flyer, vieable by clicking on the main graphic on the site's front page.