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26th August 2008, 15:11
I don't know if anyone has stumbled across this Web site yet, but Network Models is a Belgian agency that boasts a pretty impressive plus-size board, most notably because it includes the utterly gorgeous Karen Vermeiren. Her portfolio page includes a picture of Miss Vermeiren that I've never seen before:


WOW. Her measurements, as given on the board, are a stunning 46-38-48.

Here's the link to her profile:


26th August 2008, 16:36
<br>What an incredible photograph--one which truly celebrates Karen's shapely figure. The halter top embraces and defines her luscious proportions. At 48", her hips are as womanly as Valerie's, but her 38" waist measurement is even more generous, and is the key to her beauty

The styling is youthful and alluring, with the halter top embracing her rounded midriff and the soft curves along her side. It's such a delight to see Karen in vibrant, natural colours, more suited to her young age, rather than the dark, autumnal hues in which her clients usually dress her. She ideally represents the curvy vixens of today, who are proud of their sensually untoned figures.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kv/network01.jpg"></center></p>Network Models also represents Gaynor Anema, who has often won praise for her similarly abundant proportions (including a stunning 40" waist), but without a doubt, Karen is the agency's star model--which is highly fitting, as she herself is Belgian.

- <a href="http://www.network-models.be/search.asp?type=bb" target="_blank">Network Models</a>

M. Lopez
27th August 2008, 03:09
One other thing that I especially like about Karen is her non-Amazonian height. Network indicates 173cm, while her other agency, Ego's Models, lists 172cm, which means that she is at most 5'8, possibly less. This definitely helps to give Karen her shapely proportions.

It's remarkable how many of the industry's most popular models - most of them in fact - are below 5'8. At that height, the body's proportions appear curvier, not so elongated, and therefore much more attractive.

4th September 2008, 07:57
Karen is a lot more beautiful than many of the models I have seen.

I would love to see more pictures of her.

30th October 2008, 17:25
Both of Karens agency portfolios have been updated with new images.

Her Egos Models online card includes this picture. Its from a past ZJ campaign, but I dont remember seeing it online. What makes it so attractive is that you can see the soft curve of her waist.


Also, Network Models now features two new pictures of Karen as well. These are from last years fall campaign for Dominique, and I remember seeing them here on this forum. However, I believe Network has posted them at a larger size. Maybe they are from a print catalogue.

This picture is especially beautiful. It shows off the round fullness of Karens midsection, which is a very sensual detail. She looks buxom too, and her facial features have a rosy glow. Nice styling as well - see how the belt is worn low, so as not to press into the curvy waist. Fitted, cozy sweaters always look great on plussize models.


Although in this picture the wardrobe isnt as appealing, the photo is still size-positive, as the sensual swell of Karens waist is visible through the fabric of the jacket. And of course her own beauty makes the attire look better than it would otherwise.


Great images of one of my favourite models.