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3rd September 2008, 18:41
<br>One has to hand it to Fashion Bug. No other company can boast a similarly impressive track record of booking the industry's most popular models. Fashion Bug usually don't manage to hold on to them, unfortunately, only retaining them for a single campaign--but each of those campaigns is unforgettable.

First, they booked Shannon Marie a few seasons ago (producing what are still acknowledged as the most gorgeous images of any plus-size model, ever), then Kelsey just last year, and now, Christina Schmidt.

Unfortunately, our only record of the campaign so far consists of some <i>very</I> poor photographs of Christina's in-store posters. But at least they provide a record of her exciting work.

The images are part of Fashion Bug's "Right Fit Jeans" campaign, with Christina representing the "straight" look. Here she is in an in-store placard:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/fb01a.jpg"></center></p>And here she is in the outdoor triptych of each of the three colours/body types.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/fb02.jpg"></center></p>Naturally, Christina looks by <i>far</I> the prettiest of any of the models, with a lovely smile that illuminates her flawlessly beautiful round facial features.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/fb03.jpg"></center></p>The Fashion Bug site also features a landing page devoted to this promotion (linked below), accompanied by the following graphic.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/fb04.jpg"></center></p>Christina's countless fans will be <i>thrilled</I> to see her representing Fashion Bug. With more stores than any other plus-size clothing chain in America (including its sister division, Lane Bryant), this means that Christina's visage is literally being seen in every corner of the United States. (These particular photos came from a store in Columbus, Ohio.)

We earnestly hope to see more examples of Christina's work for Fashion Bug in the future.

- <a href="http://www.fashionbug.com/pagebuilder/right_fit_landing_page?shop=right_fit_best" target="_blank">Click here for "Right Fit Jeans" landing page</a>

4th September 2008, 16:09
WONDERFUL to see Christina working for Fashion Bug - and bravo to them for selecting her. Not only because she's gorgeous (which she is), but also because she's 5'7. It's so important for companies to start selecting models with mainstream, non-Amazonian heights, to get away from the minus-size-driven prejudice in favour of elongated-looking girls. In the plus-size industry, the whole point is for the models to look curvy, and naturally-heighted models achieve this more easily than taller models do.

Even in those two-tone ads, Christina looks absolutely stunning.

5th September 2008, 22:33
Perhaps I am betraying my age here, but I really find this shot of Christina to be the best (too bad it's obscured and framed by other models)...she looks mature and extremely classy. She looks like a lady. How wonderful. When did she grow up, she was just at Degrassi, wasn't she?

10th September 2008, 05:47
Brand-new Fashion Bug flyer today, with Christina (on the left) looking GORGEOUS.


Notice that she has the curviest figure, and by FAR outshines the other two models.

Beautiful picture.

Heres the link to the ad:


10th September 2008, 16:49
Christina's picture is also on the current Fashion Bug cover page:


And there's another picture of her- solo, thankfully, and looking great- on the following page:



M. Lopez
12th September 2008, 15:34
How thrilling to see Christina working for such a great client. Amazing pictures - especially the colour version. I definitely plan to drop into a Fashion Bug now to see her posters. I'll even try on a pair of jeans while I'm there!

I hope we see Christina at Fashion Bug more often now. This company has a great history of choosing the best models.

And I'm especially glad they clothed her in white, not black, to really show off her figure.

15th September 2008, 16:34
I am so excited to see Christina on the Fashion Bug cover. She's my favourite model that's currently working, and I've always hoped to see her on the cover for a major company, and in store ads and promos. I totally relate to her, and I think she looks terrific in these pictures. That's how jeans are supposed to look.

Go Christina!

19th September 2008, 23:35
The rumors are true: Fashion Bug has nicer clothing than Lane Bryant sometimes. I know where I'm getting my fall fashions.

22nd September 2008, 17:18
Christina fans will be delighted to see the new Fashion Bug ad that came out today:



In my opinion, Christina (on the left) looks even more gorgeous in this ad - even more sophisticated and elegant, yet just as sexy as ever. Her face has always been flawless - round, soft and lovely - and her body-type is ideally curvy. She makes her outfit look feminine in a way that the other models (or indeed any other models) cannot.

Stunning pictures, and a new high for Fashion Bug.

27th September 2008, 03:50
I discovered another new picture of Christina as a part of this Right Fit campaign at the following online newspaper:


The post is brief, but if you click on the image that's included, it opens up to a wonderfully large size:


Christina's picture on the left is the one that's been posted above, but her other shot, the one that's third from the right, is new -- and it's a much better presentation of her figure.

She is by far the most attractive of the trio. You can perceive that she has a softer waist than the other two models, and that makes her far more beautiful. Stunning, stunning model.