View Full Version : Figure mag: Betrayal (again)

9th September 2008, 21:58
Very bad news. I leafed through the latest issue of Figure magazine in the store today, and I did NOT buy it, nor will I ever do so again.

The diet ads are back.

The magazine's commitment to size-acceptance has always been tissue-thin, but I never thought they'd sink this low again. What a disgusting move.

It's actually not diet ads per se, but products from a diet company -- and the company's logo is in big bold letters, so it amounts to the same.

I still can't believe it. Here they are selling products to full-figured women, while accepting money from a company whose whole existence is based on making those women feel bad about themselves.

It erases all the good that the editorials do. It doesn't matter WHO is in the magazine, because bottom line the message is: hate yourself, starve yourself.

It's a black mark on Charming Shoppes too, which underwrites the magazine. How THEY, of all people, can suppost a company that does nothing but sponspor self-loathing is beyond me.

Shame on this magazine for betraying its own readers, and shame on Charming Shoppes for allowing it.

10th September 2008, 16:46
That's absolutely sickening. The readership of Figure is curvy women, and yet the magazine is running ads telling its own readers that there's something wrong with them.

I knew Figure wasn't as positive as MODE, but I never expected it to do something so stupid. Diet ads were what made the first couple of years' of Figure so awful. I can't believe they've gone that route again.

Speaking of MODE, I remember in the interview with Michele Weston, when she was asked how MODE was smart enough to run diet ads, she said point blank that such ads were "not appropriate". Why doesn't Figure understand this? Why doesn't Figure understand that you don't sell our your readers for a few miserable bucks? There's a whole world of different advertising out there. You don't need to slap your readers in the face like this.

No thanks to Figure. If I wanted mixed messages, I'd buy any of the other magazines out there.

M. Lopez
12th September 2008, 15:30
It's actually not diet ads per se, but products from a diet company -- and the company's logo is in big bold letters, so it amounts to the same.
Of course it's the same. It's a cynical move bythe company to promote itself, and by Figure to let it happen. The ad may be for a product, but everyone knows what they're really selling - starvation.

Figure has run ads for diet-industry products before, but at least the companies' names were small and obscure. But this is a huge label - so it IS a diet ad, no disguising it.

It's an obscenity. There's no other way to describe it. It's like taking someone's money, then throwing a rude gesture in their face. It speaks of a real contempt on Figure's part for its own readers. How can any woman support a magazine that tells them they should feel ashamed and ruin their health (and their looks), just to be emaciated?

The saddest thing is, the magazine was getting it right with models' sizes. Why turn around and ruin all that with such a disgusting mixed message?