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26th September 2008, 20:32
<br>Ford San Francisco is turning out to be an interesting board to watch for new talent.

It's unlikely that the agency will ever discover another model as exciting as Marritt, who has in a relatively short time become one of the most popular girls in the industry, but newcomer Lauren F. is at least worth a look.

What makes Lauren especially noteworthy are her size-positive statistics, shown here:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/lauren01.jpg"></center></p>A size <strong>14</strong> standing <strong>5'6.5</strong>?

How <i>wonderful</I> to see the industry finally responding to public wishes.

For ages, full-figured women have been imploring the industry to stop displaying clothing exclusively on unnaturally tall, thin models, and to begin presenting fashions on models who are <i>at the very least</I> a size 14, and preferably <strong>below 5'8</strong>.

The call for more normally-heighted models has been every bit as consistent as the call for more generously-proportioned girls. Many of the industry's most popular goddesses (Shannon Marie, Christina Schmidt, Valerie Lefkowitz, Kailee O'Sullivan, etc.) have been 5'8 or less. Their popularity is easy to understand: such models' proportions appear more natural, curvier, and more attractive.

Lauren doesn't look <i>very</I> full-figured, and one might wish her to be a tad more generously-proportioned, but she does have soft limbs and womanly hips, as indicated in this appealing test photo.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/lauren02.jpg"></center></p>The long blonde hair is, of course, a tremendous asset. The following photograph also suggests that she is quite buxom, and her figure looks desirably soft. Lovely styling too--the cut of the dress is very comely on a shapely model, especially the design of the bust portion, and the necklace draws attention to the decolletage. A different colour of dress might have been better, but otherwise, it's a fine image.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/lauren03.jpg"></center></p>The signing of a non-celebrity fashion model who is just over <strong>5'6</strong> is an extremely encouraging sign, as is the fact that she is a size 14. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a trend in the industry towards using fuller-figured, more naturally-heighted models, who embody an idealized yet accessible and appealing image of full-figured women.

- <a href="http://www.fordmodels.com/index.cfm?ref=M_1_0_22466" target="_blank">Online portfolio</a>

M. Lopez
1st October 2008, 03:04
If you click on the portfolio link, it will show that Ford has now updated the page with the model's measurements, which are an amazing:

41-34-48.5 (!)

Wow! That gives her a very womanly figure. There are models with prettier facial features, but it seems that she is very curvy, espcially at 5'6.

I hope Ford adds more images soon that show off the model's shape. It's very encouraging to see a major agency sign a naturally-heighted model with genuinely plus proportions.