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2nd October 2008, 04:11
America's Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, appeared on The Tyra Show yesterday, and wow, she looked gorgeous. During several moment when the camera focussed on her, she exhibited those dark, pouty, vain expressions that everyone adored so much in her ANTM episodes:
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I found it especially admirable when she mentioned that the most fulfilling thing about winning is not the fame or the money, but the positive effect that she's had on people's lives. She talked about how fans have told her,

"I sought help for an eating disorder because of you, or "I had help with my confidence because of you," or "I wore a bikini today, because I saw how confident you were," and that's the best reward over all.
But the best comment of all was her response to an audience member, who asked her how she felt about being called "plus-size." She said that she was fine with that epithet, and that it was the fact that she embraced and celebrated her generous body-type that helped her get on the show.

This is still Whitney's most powerful contribution to size-celebration: she turns fashion-industry prejudice on its head and points out that she is beautiful because she is plus-size, not despite this fact. No wonder she has so many enthusiastic fans.

8th November 2008, 18:32
Whitney was on the Tyra Banks show again this week, in a genuinely moving episode in which people with great challenges in their lives were given some much-needed help by the Tyra show.

In particular, Whitney was part of the team that gave a young girl struggling with cancer a makeover, and a chance to interact with her favourite models. When you watch the clip, notice how enthusiastically the girl responds when she realizes that Whitney will be appearing with her.

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Also, here's a picture of Whitney at a Lucky magazine party this week. Her facial features look really beautiful here, soft and full.


And here's a picture of Whitney as a runway show called "Fashion Forward" a few days ago. She's slim, but her figure is still luscious, especially with her most womanly feature - her curvy abdomen. The dress fits like a glove.


There's also a video of the event here. The other models are forgettable, but Whitney appears at 01:29, looking stunning.
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I've always been amazed by her runway walk. No one commands a runway the way Whitney does.