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13th October 2008, 14:48
Here's a new wrinkle in Torrid's 2008 Model Search. Visitors can now vote for their favourite constestant. Naturally, the choice of many fans will be size-20 beauty Lindsey. I discovered a much better picture of her recently:


Very pretty, isn't she?

Anyway, you can text your vote as follows:

4LINDSEY to 41411

It's outlined on the model search page:


This kind of voting is always unscientific, to say the least, but no matter what, I hope we see more of Lindsey's pictures at Torrid soon.

15th October 2008, 03:08
The second installment of the Torrid Model Search videos is now online:
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There is footage of Lindsey at 0:53, 1:08 and other store shots, 2:41, and loveliest at 2:48, where you see her in a gorgeous purple dress that really flatters her figure. I wish there were more shots of her in the video, but hopefully future installments will include more footage of this curvy beauty.

Oh, and Kelsey is there in spirit at least - in the form of an in-store Torrid poster!

16th October 2008, 18:22
I'm definitely enjoying these Torrid Model Search videos. The company obviously tried for an ANTM feel: the makeovers, the runway show, the cute bit in the stores, the shots of the hotel, riding in a limo, even the familiar day-to-dusk montage that you see on ANTM. It's terrific to see curvy girls being treated like bona fide models.

My only regret is that there isn't more of Lindsey in them. The moments when she is there are delightful. I am an avid supporter of hers, not only because she's very pretty, but also (and especially) because she's authentically full-figured. She distinguishes herself from the other contestants by being both curvier and more beautiful. Her kind of figure -- voluptuous, soft, and shapely, and a size 20 -- is exactly what Torrid should favor to represent its customers.

I can't wait to see more of her on the Torrid site, and I hope we see more models like her at Torrid in the future.

M. Lopez
23rd October 2008, 22:16
At last! Here's another episode of the Model Search videos:
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There is never enough Lindsey in these videos, but there are a few moments at:

and looking especially beautiful at

She really is absolutely gorgeous. The video even shows Michael Anthony taking her (and the other girls') pictures, so I hope we'll be seeing her individual shots in the future. And I really hope she'll be in the Torrid catalogue from now on.

The runway show looks like it was a lot of fun, but I wish Kelsey or Christina has been a part of it. At any rate, it's great that Torrid put something like this together.