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15th October 2008, 18:56
Canadian fans of Christina Schmidt fans have always regretted the fact that despite having New York representation, she wasnt signed with a Canadian agency, and therefore didnt appear in Canadian advertising as often as we all hoped.

Until now.

B&M Models is a major agency in Toronto, Ontario, with a thriving plussize board. (I see their girls in ads for The Bay and such all the time.) And now, Christina is signed with them, instantly becoming their star model.

Her terrific online comp card is here:


The main shot is, of course, her all-time-classic Douglas Bizzaro headshot - the most beautiful headshot ever taken.


Its especially exciting to see her measurements, as given by B&M:


She has a very curvy figure, and an especially gorgeous waist measurement (the same as Kelsey and Lindsey G.). It is her waist measurement that gives her such a luscious, natural figure, beautifully proportioned.

Its great to see Christina signed with a Canadian agency, and I cant wait to see her in more local work, to accompany her American campaigns.

18th October 2008, 17:00
I would LOVE to see Christina in more campaigns.

I recently found her included in a "Top 10 Hottest Plus-Size Celebrities" list that's gotten tons of hits and links from all over the web. She's at the top of the list, and most of the comments say she should have been ranked #1:


Also, when a Web writer posted a notice about this list on their own online journal, with a link, they specifically selected a picture of Christina to represent the whole list:


Just goes to show - when someone's looking for proof that a plus-size celebrity CAN be "hot," Christina is the universal choice!