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3rd November 2008, 15:02
The previous thread was getting rather full, so I thought I'd start a new one showcasing Marritt's continuing work at Igigi.

First, here's a flyer that just came out today:


Second, here are some new items (and videos) at the Igigi site.

You'll love her languid, sensual movements in the video for this elegant dress. She adopts quite dramatic poses for the still images too.

http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/320P37BLKD2.jpg http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/320P37BLKD1.jpg


Marritt also appears in romantic lace, just in time for the holiday festivities:

http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/318R27GLDD2.jpg http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/318R27GLDD1.jpg


The lilac version is even prettier. Watch Marritt's caressing hand movements in the video.



No video for the next item, but this is surely the most size-positive pose that Marritt has ever adopted. Her figure looks wonderful here -- genuinely curvy -- and the wrap style accentuates the bust. It's one of the most alluring poses I've ever seen from a plus-size model.



The dress also comes in grey:



This item has been posted before, but it now includes a video. Watch how flattering the close-fitting wrap style, equal parts comfortable and sexy, is on Marritt's figure. It's something that you can only see in the video, not in the still images.


And finally, here is Marritt in a blue gown. The colour looks good on her, complimenting her golden hair. Pity there's no video or profile-view yet.



M. Lopez
17th November 2008, 07:07
Igigi's holiday collection is turning up yet more lovely dresses, modelled in spectacular fashion by Marritt.

The first continues the lace theme, but it's an asymmetrical design. I'm not always fond of asymmetrical styles, but this one is quite elegant.


Definitely watch the video, especially towards the end, where Marritt does a dance-like 360 turn in the dress, showing how closely it embraces her curvy figure.


A close fit is essential for making the Igigi styles look as good as they should.

Here's a very asymmetrical design.


http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/368R24BLKD2.jpg http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/368R24BLKD1.jpg

I'm not sure about the built-in sheer sleeve, but I have to say, I love the bare shoulder/arm aspect. In the video, Marritt shows how theatrical one can be in the dress.


I like the lace sleeves and ballerina neckline of this elegant dress, and I love the photo because, for once, you can tell that Marritt was actually shot in the background, rather than against a bare screen and then photoshopped into the location. It makes for a much more attractive photo.



And here's a dress that I really like because it's in colour rather than black. Too much black can get monotonous, so it's wonderful to see a different hue. You can see from the stills how nicely it shows off Marritt's figure.

http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/324P25GRND2.jpg http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/324P25GRND1.jpg

Be sure to watch the video to see Marritt's signature self-caressing movements, and a slow, loving, full-length pan over her body by the camera.


26th November 2008, 07:28
Here's another new holiday dress at Igigi, showcased by Marritt:


The image on the right, below, is frankly one of the sexiest images I've ever seen of a plus-size model. She looks very full-figured here - the pose shows off her shape beautifully.

http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/370P32BRND2.jpg http://www.igigi.com/shop/images/product/370P32BRND1.jpg

Of course, be sure to view the video too. She does three full turns in the dress, and watch how her hair falls over her eye as she does her last turn. It's wildly alluring.