View Full Version : Art and Love in Renaissance Italy (exhibition)

2nd January 2009, 18:33
On now at the Met is a fascinating exhibition titled "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy":



The New York Times describes it very effectively:

The very title “Art and Love in Renaissance Italy” is a win-win. It promises romance, desire, youthful beauty, expensive gift items and possible sex in the land of Romeo and Juliet. It delivers on all counts. The major reason for going is the rare opportunity to see what is possibly Titian's most gorgeous and size-positive painting, the 1550 version of his recumbent Venus series, which is usually on display at the Prado, but is on loan to the Met for this exhibition.

In this painting, Venus's figure looks fuller than ever before in a Titian work. She looks like she has never exerted herself, but has led a pampered existence and had all her desires provided for -- but has indulged herself greatly, completely secure in her opulent attractions. The musician beside her (an emblematic artist-figure) gazes on admiringly, drawing inspiration from her sumptuous beauty to compose a masterpiece.


Unless you're planning on visiting Madrid in the future, this is the one chance to see this Titian painting in North America, and that alone is worth the prince of admission.