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5th January 2009, 05:00
Okay, this has to be the steamiest, most alluring picture of Kelsey ever taken- and it's also the most sensual lingerie image I've ever seen.

Wow. Simply, wow. Has any plus-size model ever looked this good in lingerie? Her figure is so amazingly full. She's very buxom (in a natural way, not with plastic or silicone). Her arms are exquisitely soft. Best of all, the picture shows her round, curvy waist. She may have the best figure of any of the top plus-size models working today. And of course, those blonde locks are heaven-sent.


I can't imagine a better lingerie model than Kelsey, and I'm usually not even a fan of sleepwear images.

If you didn't get Torrid's e-mail flyer containing this masterpiece, here's the Web page where you can find it:


Torrid has kicked off 2009 with a bang. How can they ever top this?

6th January 2009, 09:25
I can't imagine a better lingerie model than Kelsey, and I'm usually not even a fan of sleepwear images.
I agree completely. Lingerie images are probably the most difficult of all to do well, but this one is a triumph. Kelsey is the best lingerie model Ive yet seen, because she has such a natural figure - maybe the most natural-looking body shape of any plussize girl. All of those companies using faux-plus models should look at this ad and learn what a size-positive sleepwear ad should look like.

This photo completely took my breath away when I saw it. It is the best Torrid e-mail ad to date. Another detail I like is the dark, blood-red lipgloss. A small touch, but it takes the sensuality of the image to another level.

Kelsey has such an innately angelic appearance, that when she does an image as wicked as this, the blend of contrasts is thrilling - a heavenly nymph who is showing her sinful side. A temptress, yet with a touch of innocence (the blonde hair and fair complexion). Mesmerizing.

6th January 2009, 20:08
The caption to the image is very clever:

"Get everything your heart desires."It has a double meaning, of course. For clothing customers, it refers to the wardrobe on display, but for male viewers, it subliminally refers to the model herself - Kelsey being "everything their heart desires."

Absolutely amazing photo.

7th January 2009, 10:08
I like the framing of this shot, how the white heart behind Kelsey arches over her round shoulders to form a shape like Cupid's wings. Though of course, she is not a mere messenger of the goddess of love, but the image of the goddess herself.

31st January 2009, 00:11
That lingerie photo is scorchingly hot - probably Kelsey's most sensual image ever. Her figure has never looked more delicious. She's the ideal lingerie model, no question about it.

Incidentally, I discovered a terrific graphic online the other day, and this seemed like the best place to post it:


Isn't that clever? It takes one of Kelsey's most alluring test photos, and turns it into a simulated poster.

Just imagine if we lived in a world where plus-size goddesses like Kelsey did appear in billboards such as this. Think of all of the traffic accidents that would ensue. No man would ever be a safe driver, because they'd all be hypnotized by Kelsey's posters. And like the fellow in this picture, men would never get anywhere. They'd just spend hours standing before Kelsey's images, staring at them with longing.

It's another "glimpse of a better world," this is - a world that could be, and should be.

M. Lopez
4th February 2009, 13:32
Opening my Inbox today, I discovered an absolutely breathtaking Torrid lingerie image featuring Kelsey.


WOW. Without question, Kelsey has the most gorgeous figure of any lingerie model I've ever seen. She is ideal for this type of wardrobe, because her body is so natural. Her arms are soft and full (which is really visible here), her legs are luscious, she's buxom. I don't think any other model could make sleepwear look as good.

The only thing I'd say as a reservation is that the pose in the other Torrid photo was more beautiful. This is more of a straight-size model pose, with the crooked arm, and not as appealing.

But that's a minor point. For the way that the image displays Kelsey's gorgeous figure, it's stunning. This is the sort of image that a plus-size model calendar or poster should feature.

Here's the ad: