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15th January 2009, 15:58
On it Right Fit site, Charming Shoppes now has a dedicated page devoted to Whitney Thompson, who is their "brand ambassador":


A few of the pictures have been seen before, but several are new, and they're all beautiful. I don't know if anyone has captured Whitney's beauty as well in still images as the Charming Shoppes photographer did. It's a clean, gorgeous style, which really suits her.

The background picture is terrific, with Whitney doing an alluring hand-in-the-hair pose:


The most interesting photo is probably this one, a coy over-the-shoulder glance. I love the expression.


This one was posted before. It's also amazing:


There are also three photos of Miss Thompson in a red top. Nice as well, but I do wish Whitney were fuller-figured. That's the one, single way in which she could improve.

And I really like the quote that appears on the page. Whitney says:

"The store offers clothes to fit women of all shapes and sizes and since Fashion Bug just launched a line of denim made with Right Fit technology, we no longer have to change our bodies to fit into the hottest jeans; the jeans are now made to fit our bodies"

Whitney ThompsonNow, that's such an important idea. You know that Whitney is talking about something much more important than jeans. The crux of what's wrong with the fashion industry is that it tries to force women to change their bodies, as Whitney says - to diminish themselves, to starve themselves into an unnatural and ugly standard.

But fashion could be a good thing, if instead it acceptend and celebrated women's naturally full figures, and tailored the clothing to fit those curves.

Great images, great concept, and another significant idea expressed by Whitney - whose words continue to be as inspiring as her images.

24th January 2009, 12:09
<br>Charming Shoppes also features a stunning picture of Miss Thompson on the cover of the Right Fit site. Once again, this photographer worked his magic, and took one of the finest photos of Whitney to date.

Her expression is simply stunning--a wide-eyed, vulnerable gaze; lips slightly parted, tresses flowing freely. It has the adorable look of surprise that a young girl might display, but also vividly exudes passion and sensuality. Her magnificent blonde hairstryle glows with a heavenly light. It is a picture out of a dream-fantasy.

No wonder CS has posted it on the cover page, for it will surely draw in any casual viewer and compel them to enter the site.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/wt/rightfit01.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.rightfit.com/" target="_blank">www.RightFit.com</a>