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28th January 2009, 11:59
One of my favorite campaigns from last year was Christina Schmidt's work for Fashion Bug, promoting the new "Right Fit" denim line:


I'm delighted to see that FB now has a new picture from that photoshoot on its site. Christina is on the left, of course:


She looks so beautiful! That may be the prettiest picture of all from the shoot. One thing's for sure - no model has ever looked as good in jeans as Christina does. Her figure is stunning.

Here's the page at the Fashion Bug site where the ad is located:


30th January 2009, 14:53
I agree - this is Christina's best picture from her Fashion Bug campaign. THIS is the photo that the should have blown up and featured in store posters. That's what a really curvy figure looks like.

Christina is just so exciting, so gorgeous, in every one of her pictures. I wish we saw more of her.

8th February 2009, 14:18
Here's something encouraging.

I stumbled across a site called "Hot Hollywood Actresses & Models." With a name like that, you know what to expect - and sure enough, it features images of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Adriana Lima, Pamela Anderson, and the usual.

But lo and behold, in the midst of all of those well-publicizd names, the host has also posted...Christina Schmidt.


Very nice selection of pictures too - images that definitly confirm Christina as living up to the title of the site (in fact, she deserves the "hot" adjective better than any other actress or model who's there).

It's encouraging to see this kind of grass-roots recognition of a plus-size model as being an ultimate embodiment of feminine beauty.