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26th September 2005, 03:58
Jennifer Lopez gets my respect.

According to an article I just read, she once fired a manager who told her to diet! -


And look where her career is today. Shes at the top of every industry.

And I bet there were lots of other actresses and singers who listened to "advice" like this from their managers, and never got anywhere.

If only more performers took a stand like this, and refused to diet, both Hollywood and society in general would have a much more positive attitude towards womanly figures.

Bravo to Jennifer. She has never been plus-size, but at least in her latest pictures, like that great U.S. Elle cover, and in the one below, she does NOT look like a typical waif, but actually quite pretty.


The text of the aticle is short, so I may as well post it -


"Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ once fired her manager because he ordered her to diet, something the voluptuous star was determined never to do.

The MAID IN MANHATTAN actress was appalled when the unfortunate manager told her to aim to look like slender SPIN CITY beauty HEATHER LOCKLEAR.

Lopez says, "At the beginning, when I first started doing music and movies I think I had this attitude that I didn't have to be like anyone else. I didn't have to conform to being very thin.

"I had this manager who was very critical of my shape, he felt that everyone should look like Heather Locklear - thin and blonde. I fired him."

27th September 2005, 05:35
<br>Not only is the release of this information a shining example of how a celebrity can attract <i>positive</i> publicity, in contrast to the latest trend towards performers seeking headlines through notoriety, but--setting all cliches aside--it actually does set a fine example for Ms. Lopez's countless fans to emulate.

(The example would be even more persuasive if the actress were fuller-figured, of course, but the point still gets across.)

At some point in their lives, all plus-size goddesses confront misguided pressure to diminish their irresistible curves. And that is the point when they should echo the words of Donald Trump, and say, <i>"You're fired."</i> In other words, <i>"We can't do business any more,"</i> or <i>"We can't relate any more,"</i> because, <i>"You are trying to have a detrimental effect on my life (whether you mean to, or not), and I can't allow you to do that."</i>

Diplomatic individuals will find more tactful ways to express the point, but that will be the upshot of the statement.

And as a growing number of individuals are finding, even in the entertainment industry, the determination to maintain or even <i>augment</i> one's feminine figure can actually enhance one's career in equal measure--to say nothing of the positive effects that it will have on one's quality of life.

Don't let anyone ruin the masterpiece.

Crystal Renn, whose career (and life) began when her self-denial ended, in one of the most striking images from her Fall 2005 series for Nordstrom:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/nordstrom02a.jpg"></center>

27th September 2005, 18:51
All I can say is that after reading that aritcle it's a step in the right direction. It's not a fix, but it's start. By J-Lo's firing her manager because he wanted her to be dare I say it? "THIN", she has earned my respect wholeheartedly. Now if the rest of Hollywood would just follow suit.