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1st February 2009, 15:49
Seeing the recent billboard mock-up of one of Kelsey's pictures reminded me that fans can actually purchase posters of Kelsey from the Flawless site.

Flawless published an unremarkable plus-size calendar last year, and it was set to publish one this year too. For whatever reason, the calendar never made it out in time, but posters of the 12 models who were going to appear in it are available from Cafe Press.

Here's what Kelsey's month/poster looks like:


Absolutely gorgeous and steamy expression from Kelsey, and she proves once again what a great lingerie model she is. In a way, though, the styling is surprisingly conservative- I think she's the only one in the proposed calendar who wears a coat, and fans might be disappointed not see her lovely arms. But what the image does show of her figure is soft and lovely.

If the creators were really going for a bona fide calendar look, though, they could have shot Kelsey and the other models on a beach, or in some kind of opulent or tropical setting, to achieve more of the Sports Illustrated look.

Here are the three sizes it comes in, and the links:

11" x 17"

13.3" x 20"

23" x 34.5"

It's nice to see posters of plus-size models made available. It would be wonderful to see more of this, and higher production values or a higher allure factor next time. (Kelsey's Valentine's photo for Torrid- now that should be a poster!)

10th February 2009, 00:13
<br>The picture is lovely because . . . well, because it's Kelsey, and because it shows her in daring attire. Her expression is, of course, stunning, and the hairstyle is romantic and pretty.

But as Kaitlynn's comments suggest, the image also indicates that there is still a way to go before the plus-size industry produces a calendar to equal a <i>Sports Illustrated</i> publication.

We discussed the calendar concept in <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=816" target="_blank">this</a> thread a few seasons ago, and the issues have not changed since then.

Consider the image above. Attractive as it is, it would have been even more captivating if it had been shot in a romantic setting. And does <i>Sports Illustrated</i> drape jackets over its models? Of course not. That would defeat the whole purpose of its calendars, which is to <i>reveal</i> its models' figures.

And while Miss Olson's expression is lovely, the photographer could have posed her in a more alluring way, instead of simply requiring her to stand in place, in catalogue fashion.

When organizing a plus-size calendar, the creators should consider their market--i.e., what the aesthetic is of the people to whom they expect to target their publication.

If a customer purchases a plus-size-model calendar, it is because he is attracted to full-figured beauty. He <i>wants</I> to see the model looking curvy. If he were ambivalent about feminine fullness, he would buy a skinny-model publication instead.

But if, for whatever reason, the calendar-makers <i>cannot</i> conceive of a wholly pro-curvy aesthetic, then they should consult those individuals whose tastes <i>do</I> run towards size celebration--particularly when it comes to selecting images.

Case in point: A reader recently sent us the following heart-stoppingly gorgeous image of Miss Olson--a behind-the-scenes photograph from the <i>Flawless</i> shoot:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/flawless01.jpg"></center></p>One cannot imagine a more intensely sensual image of Kelsey ever being created. Her golden tresses cascade down her back in romantic waves. The red garment presses gently into her neck. And nothing in creation could be as irresistible as the soft curves of the model's back, highlighted by the thin red strap wrapping across her person. Her features are fair. Her expression is warm and endearing. The softness of her demeanour matches the softness of her figure. Her persona is that of a gentle, yielding girl to be protected and treasured.

And yet, seductive as the picture is, it is also quite innocent--a "G rated" image that is far more captivating than a more overt display might be. For as <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=472" target="_blank">this</a> post explained, a bare back can be the most attractive of all features on a full-figured goddess.

Plus-size models have curves in places where waifs don't even have places. It is those extra curves, those visible signs of soft fullness that are unique to opulently proportioned goddesses which make them appealing to their admirers.

And that's why this snapshot is far more sensual than the actual <i>Flawless</i> poster. Just imagine it uncropped, and shot in an idyllic setting, and it would be a perfect representation of timeless beauty.

And <i>just</i> the sort of image that a goddess calendar should include.<p><center>* * *</center><p>Mind you, the suggestions provided above are merely tips for future projects, and are in no way intended to diminish any enterprises to date, including <i>Flawless.</i> The organizers deserve praise for assembling such a calendar in the first place, and for making the images available to the public.

Hopefully this is a precursor to a future enterprises that will include more Judgment of Paris favourites.

And in the meantime, Kelsey fans, enjoy your posters . . .

21st April 2009, 13:05
There have been many exciting and inspirational pictures on this forum ever since I started visiting, but the second photo in this thread, showing Kelsey looking over her shoulder, may be my absolute favourite. Even though it's only a snapshot, not a professional photo, it's a perfect image. Never has Kelsey looked more like a princess, especially with her long blonde hair and youthful smile, but she looks so soft, so well-fed, so beautifully plus-size as well. No one can deny that she is a full-figured model, but no one can deny that she's gorgeous too. Better than any other photo I can think of, that one image proves that curves are extremely alluring.

No model is more inspirational or gorgeous than Kelsey, with her natural-looking feminine figure. It's true - I wish that photo were a poster. I would buy one in a heartbeat.