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3rd February 2009, 13:35
<br>The proliferating admirers of Kelly, a gorgeous 18-year-old junior-plus model initially discovered by <i>Seventeen,</I> will be delighted to learn that she appears in an editorial image in the February 2009 issue of <i>Glamour</I> magazine.

As mixed-message women's mags go, <i>Glamour</I> has a better-than-average history of promoting size-acceptance, from its Kate Dillon spread a decade ago to its celebrated Kailee O'Sullivan lingerie page. Kelly's image is another feather in the magazine's cap.

Above all, one has to compliment <i>Glamour</I> for garbing Kelly in an abbreviated dress that shows off her luscious legs. Even at such a young age, Kelly already rivals any other current plus-size model for the title of "most gorgeous legs in the industry." They are visibly soft and round, their attractive shape due to natural fullness. The photographer instructed the model to twist one leg a shade too much, so its size is unfortunately minimized, but the other leg stands normally, and from its proportions one can tell how beautiful Kelly's limbs truly are.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelly/glamour01a.jpg"></center></p><i>Glamour</I> also shot the photo in an appealing setting, an elegant 19th-century streetscape that is so idyllic that it could have come straight from one of Whitney's celebrated CoverGirl commercials. Note how the green foliage plays off against the single red flower in the left of the image, and against Kelly's bright nails. The wrought-iron metalwork and brick walls add a touch of historical detail. The wind machine (a must!) gives Kelly's magnificent brunette tresses life. They blow in the wind in romantic waves, yet they also evidence voluptuous volume.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelly/glamour01d.jpg"></center></p>A close-up shows how extraordinarily pretty Kelly is. Her baby-soft facial features are the stuff of dreams. Note the curve under her chin--an attractive trait--and the intensely sensual fullness around her neck area. Only sweet self-indulgence can develop such alluring features. Her expression is delightfully winsome. She looks pleased with herself, and pampered--as any young princess with such remarkable beauty should be.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelly/glamour01b.jpg"></center></p>Kelly is an enchanting young talent, and it is a pleasure to see her career progressing. The fact that she has already notched up several magazine appearances, as well as a retail campaign, also speaks well of the plus-size industry, which used to take years to acknowledge its most promising talent. But in Kelly, the industry has picked up on her singular beauty with great alacrity.

Hopefully, the industry is recognizing that future plus-size models should adhere to three important criteria. They should be:

-more attractive

And lovely Kelly is all three.

4th February 2009, 22:55
I think Kelly is adorable. There are quite a few young models who have "exotic" looks, and Kelly resembles one or two in particular, but she is far prettier than they are - with a more natural, gentle kind of look, yet still exciting. She should grow out her hair even longer for more drama. If she at least retains her present curves, or better yet becomes fuller figured, she will be one of the all-time greatest plussize models.

Incidentally, I browsed the Glamour site. Yes, there are a lot of mixed messages, but one article I thought was helpful. It talked about how guys feel about appearance trends for women, and two of the comments had me nodding my head vigorously:

Ugly style #4: Barely there brows
Super-skinny tadpole brows aren’t a turn-on, says Will, 27. Draw attention to your eyes without penciling on your arches—the natural, groomed kind beat the overplucked ones any day!

Ugly style #6: Overtanning
“I’m not into a girl if her skin looks like a catcher’s mitt,” says Ron, 25. “The orange, leathery look is just not cute.”
"Catchers mitt" - seriously, too many celebrities uglify themselves this way. The best plussize models avoid these pitfalls. Think of Shannon Marie with her natural, perfectly shaped brows and fair complexion. True goddesses never appear artificial, but always look wholesome and beautiful.