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M. Lopez
8th February 2009, 23:03
Following their terrific Cacique pictures with Lindsey, Lane Bryant now features her modelling several fashionable tops in their "new arrivals" section.

I especially like this "Embellished Sleeveless Top":


If you're going to showcase a sleeveless top, you need a model with full, shapely arms, which Lindsey certainly possesses (although they were more evident in the Cacique pics).

Here's a "Square Neck Ribbed Sweater". Lindsey looks very curvy in this.


A "Kimono Sleevel Top". Nice expression from Lindsey here:


A "Foil Embellished Butterfly Graphic Tee Shirt" (could the name be any longer?):


And an "Ocean Wave Print Crinkle Shirt":


It's so encouraging to see LB using Lindsey. Hopefully, from now on the company will feature more youthful, true plus-size models like her (size 14/16 or better), and let other companies make do with the smaller girls.

11th February 2009, 01:11
Hopefully, from now on the company will feature more youthful, true plus-size models like her (size 14/16 or better), and let other companies make do with the smaller girls.
If only. Lane Bryant reminds me of Torrid, in that it uses smaller, less plus, less attractive girls for official posters and publications, but uses prettier, fuller-figured girls for its online images (and, in the case of Torrid, e-mail flyers - like those amazing lingerie images of Kelsey). Why, I don't know.

Here are a few more pictures of Lindsey at LB.

Another sleeveless top (I'm a bit iffy about the print though):

A kimono top. Lindsey's facial features look very pretty here, and I like that LB varied her hairstyle:

A colourful tunic (maybe too colourful):

A floral top:

Cardigan sweater (a bit too oversized):

And a purple tunic:

Torrid generally has the prettier apparel, but I'll definitely say that Lindsey improves the look of LB's items just by modelling them, making them seem more youthful. The choice of model make a difference, no doubt about it.

Incidentally, I agree with what someone wrote elsewhere. Lindsey photographs smaller than she is - if she's a 14/16, then just barely so. For that reason, I really hope she at least retains her current curves.

16th February 2009, 16:18
Here are two new items and pictures that I know fans will enjoy. First, Lindsey in a peasant blouse:


Ever since the folkloric styles were reintroduced, Ive loved them, the white peasant blouses especially. I particularly like the floral embroidery.

Also, in the Cacique section, here is Lindsey in a sheer chemise.


I like how her hair half-covers her eye. Her arms look full and shapely. She is so beautiful in that pic.

M. Lopez
18th March 2009, 10:01
More from Lindsey at Lane Bryant,

This tank top is one of the nicer items on the site right now. I like the floral print, which is subtler than LB prints often are. And if you look on the "New Arrivals" page where this item is situatued, you can see how much better Lindsey makes the LB clothing look than the other models do, because of her fuller waist, which gives every piece a more natural, agreeable silhouette.


This floral top is kind of nice too, and I really like Lindsey's hairstyle in this image. This is one of the best hair arrangements LB has given her.


This is really a nice item, and a gorgeous picture - a chiffon sleeveless top. Lindsey's arms look round and full in this image. Beautiful.


I love how Lindsey is playing with her hair in this image:


Cute hairstyle in this ruffle-sleeve shirt:


And finally, a "flutter-sleeve" top. I'm still deciding about this one.


Great images of Lindsey, although the appeal of the items varies. Whatever else is true, though, it's her generous figure that makes the clothing more appealing than it would be otherwise.