View Full Version : New Hughes site, with Kailee

16th February 2009, 16:45
Of the various British agencies, Hughes has the most popular models, and its done a nice job revamping its site.

The high points are the online portfolios of Grace and of the agencys star model, Kailee OSullivan, including a stunning new picture that has never been posted anywhere before:


WOW. It has silver-screen glamour, yet is in colour. The lighting is very dramatic. I love the dark, blood-red (almost black) lip colour on Kailee. The pose alluringly shows off the curves of her amazing figure. She has a hungry look in her smouldering eyes. The satin sheets and fur cover on the bed add to the sensuality.

It appears to be part of the breathtaking bridal shoot (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1231) which Kailee did a little while ago. The pictures from that shoot are some of her all-time best and most mature. They really show her range. She often chooses sweet and gentle expressions, but in this shoot she exuded full-blooded sensuality as never before.

Here is the Kailee portfolio. Click on the "Mainboard" link on the left to see the rest of the agency pages.


17th February 2009, 21:44
That picture is so thrilling. Kailee is looking at her groom with such intense desire. She looks like she's going to devour him. (And I bet any guy would be in heaven if Kailee were to look at him that way.) She's patting the bedcover in front of her, as if saying, "Come here." I've never seen any shoot mix elegance and passion like this.

I think Kailee might be the most exciting model currently working.