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B. R.
22nd March 2009, 23:59
Has anyone seen the movie Last Holiday? This is probably one of the single most size-positive movies I've ever seen, but it's not preachy about it.

In the beginning the heroine suffers from a lack of confidence. She dresses in a dowdy, matronly manner, downplaying her own attractiveness. She cooks fantastic meals for others while subsisting on prepackaged body-diminishment dinners for herself. As the movie goes on, though, her character blossoms.

The part that really caught my attention is the restaurant scene. When the waiter begins listing all the different dishes available, our heroine cannot decide which she wants. So, in a moment that distinctly reminded me of Lillian Russell, she smiles and says, "I'll just have to try them all."

Next the scene switches to the head chef, played by Gerard Depardieu. Interestingly, he is disgusted and irritated because every other woman in the restaurant is ordering low-fat, low-carb, no butter, no oil, no cream, no salt, artificial sweeteners, etc. Their starvation diets are killing the natural richness of his cooking. He is amazed and delighted when our heroine's order comes in, with no flavor-stifling substitutions. As the dishes are brought out to her, she commands the positive attention of everyone in the restaurant -- especially the men. In a nice twist, when the meal with all of its delicious-looking courses is delivered to her table, the chef steps out of his kitchen to compliment the patron.

I love the idea of a woman's healthy appetite being depicted as an attractive feature rather than a moral weakness. There is never any implication that she needs to lose weight or "slim down" to be attractive. In fact, her friend at the beginning of the movie is trying to encourage her to dress to suit her curves instead of hiding them. The entire theme of the movie is that this character really learns how to stop stifling herself and start living.

This film may not be high art or anything, but the best things about it, for me, is that this clearly full-figured woman is depicted as being happy, healthy, active, successful, and stunningly attractive -- just the way she should be. I'm certain that casting a straight-size actress in this role could never have carried the movie's positive message as effectively.

23rd March 2009, 11:21
Chef Didier: You see, you and I know the secret to life.
Georgia: What's that?
Chef Didier (almost lasciviously): Butter!

This is a really cute, fun movie with a very positive (and size-positive) message. Georgia is attractive just by being herself, and her attractiveness increases when she begins to break out of her shell and truly enjoy herself. It's fun to watch her learn to indulge and care for herself the way she's always done for her family and her customers at the store.

The movie has been running on TBS on US cable, so if you haven't seen it, do try to catch it.

24th March 2009, 00:50
I watched it today at your urging, and I must say, it does celebrate self-indulgence and being beautiful at any size. Also, I'd add that it made a fuller-figure woman the target of desire from a man, which is so missing from most Hollywood movies. In many cases the fuller woman will be merely a background character with no love interest.

29th April 2009, 10:37
Queen Latifah has done so much to advance size acceptance in our society.

"Does this dress make me look f**?"

Love it!