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2nd April 2009, 16:53
Concurrently with the new MXM ads in the April issue of LouLou magazine, the MXM site has also posted the campaign's new pictures online.

They're the same images, but often cropped a bit differently, which is interesting to see.

The cover page is, of course, that great Old World view of Kailee as Freya, in a beautiful peasant blouse. It looks even better in this panoramic view:


Here's a close-up of that gorgeous over-the-shoulder shot. No question - this is the picture of the campaign.


Here's a clearer version of the camisole-and-skirt combination. Great photo.


I did find one image online that isn't among the LouLou ads. It's beautiful, and I really like that blouse. I hope MXM shows this image without the colour filter in the future.


I agree that the design of this top at the bust is very flattering on a voluptuous figure. I love the green background and how the sunlight catches her hair.


Close-up of the purple-dress photo:


The denim shot:


And a larger version of her tee picture:


Beautiful campaign with some pretty clothing and great scenery - and I so agree that the setting enhance the beauty of the images.

In some cases, I wish MXM had asked Kailee for softer, gentler expressions to suit the theme. But she's so pretty that she can get away with these looks too. She's as gorgeous as ever, and I hope the site will release more images from this promotion on its cover pages, etc., as it did last season - especially more figure shots.

I really wish MXM had filmed a video to go along with this campaign.


6th April 2009, 05:11
Gorgeous images of Kailee.

I found another tiny pic at the Reitmans corporate site. These is noteworthy though, because it isn't cropped as narrowly as the ad, and therefore includes more content in the image.


Notice how the image originally included a lifesize mirror. That's intriguing. Mirrors are the most exciting props that plus-size models can possibly shoot with, and this smaller but wider picture shows that a pretty magnificent mirror was part of this shoot.

I wonder if MXM will be releasing more shots from this campaign with Kailee admiring herself in that mirror? I hope so. Those would be thrilling photos.

6th April 2009, 07:34
I thought I would add some images of Kailee from the sister line of clothing from Zizzi which did not get mentioned in the recent post on Karen Vermeiren... Zay Clothing, which feature some shots of Kailee via the Zizzi newsletter. She looks lovely although the clothing is somewhat blah... the waves through her hair are quite romantic and the expression on her face is sweet and innocent, which helps to reduce the modernity of the clothing somewhat.

<img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/zay01.jpg">

<img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/zay02.jpg">

<img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/zay03.jpg">

- <a href="http://www.e-pages.dk/zizzi/3/" target="_blank">http://www.e-pages.dk/zizzi/3/</a> (see p.56)

6th April 2009, 22:06
look at how Kailee's shapely arm appears in the right-hand image (the one in the purple dress). The ad crops out the arm, which is a pity, because Kailee's limbs and shoulders are so beautiful.
The 1 Plus cover page has a larger version of that uncropped picture. I've cut and posted it here:


It's true -- MXM should have kept the full version. Bare shoulders are the best fashion accessories for a strapless dress, and Kailee's are especially beautiful. Gorgeous picture.

M. Lopez
8th April 2009, 17:58
New Kailee cover on the MXM site today:


There's also a close-up of Kailee's beautiful "Freya" picture on the Wishlist landing page. It really is amazing how the light makes her tresses glow.


That slipping-off-the-shoulders blouse looks so seductive on Kailee. Beautiful images.

15th April 2009, 04:06
I knew MXM would put this picture on its cover page sooner or later. It's by far the most beautiful image of the entire campaign. Kailee looks so soft and delicate and feminine here. Breathtaking.


It's a pity that the ad copy is so distracting, though. And I always wonder if the mirror that we saw in the small "widescreen" picture, above, was a part of other images in this campaign too. Was there originally a mirror to the right of this image, and that mirror was cropped out? If so, that's a real shame. If it was there originally, it would have been a fascinating element, and would have made this picture even more gorgeous.

22nd April 2009, 18:40
Also, notice how in the middle photo the image originally included a lifesize mirror. That's intriguing. Mirrors are the most exciting props that plus-size models can possibly shoot with, and this smaller but wider picture shows that a pretty magnificent mirror was part of this shoot.

True enough! How interesting to see that MXMs brand-new cover page shows a larger version of the mirror-included photo that Chad posted in miniature:


I love it. Besides showing us more of Kailee, this version of the photo also shows what a magnificent mirror it was - nearly as tall as Kailee herself. I wonder if there were any pictures taken showing Kailee adoring herself in it?

Beautiful photo of a gorgeous model. And that top is so flattering, showing off her buxom curves and a sensual expanse of her soft, fair skin.

28th April 2009, 22:40
Continuing the great-covers series, here's the latest MXM homepage featuring Kailee:


It's a close-up of the top image in this thread. Stunning, especially because it shows Kailee a bit closer. But I definitely preferred the fist version, which showed the image along with the golden field stretching out behind her. That idyllic setting adds so much to the picture, making it a window into a more beautiful world.

6th May 2009, 16:59
Here's something interesting. When I saw the smaller, cropped version of this picture before on the MXM site, it wasn't one of my favourites from this campaign. But now seeing it on the cover page, in a larger, uncropped version, I like it so much more.

This version catches the blossoming branch in the background, and the larger view better displays Kailee's expression, which is compelling.


I'm still not crazy about the denim top, but it's a beautiful image, as all of the pictures from this amazing campaign have been.

M. Lopez
13th May 2009, 07:35
I did find one image online that isn't among the LouLou ads. It's beautiful, and I really like that blouse. I hope MXM shows this image without the colour filter in the future.
Hannah will be delighted by this week's new MXM cover image, which does show the picture without the colour overlay. That is a very pretty blouse - probably MXM's nicest offering of the season. I love the ruffles and the folkloric embroidery.


Kailee looks very soft and pretty in the image. The blouse accentuates her buxom curves and displays her fair skin. Beautiful picture.

20th May 2009, 21:58
<br>Customers obviously loved the last Kailee cover so much that MXM has brought back the image for a second turn as the main picture on the company's home page. It's wonderful to see the photograph now rendered full width, without the large price graphics that filled half the screen in previous covers. However, the previous version (above), which showed Kailee's soft arm and voluptuous curves, was even more beautiful, and is probably the most gorgeous image of the entire campaign.

This has been an extraordinarily successful promotion from MXM, perhaps the very best that they have ever shot with Miss O'Sullivan. The natural settings provided excellent backdrops for the images, and a good deal of the clothing (like the strawberry top shown in an earlier picture, or the peasant blouse in this image) is quite attractive. Kailee herself is utterly gorgeous, and delivers a remarkable variety of poses and expressions. All in all, this campaign is a high-water mark in the perennially successful Kailee-MXM partnership, and could well be the most exciting promotion of the summer season.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/mxm39.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.mxm.ca/" target="_blank">MXM.ca</a>

27th May 2009, 03:18
I'm happy to have a few items to add to this thread.

First, here's the new Kailee cover - a tight close-up. I wish we could see her beautiful blue eyes, though.


Also, here are a couple of ads I found online.



http://m1.2mdn.net/viewad/2120397/148173/MXM_Bogo50PercentOff_EN_160x600_090520.jpg http://m1.2mdn.net/viewad/2120397/143548/MXM_TopsBottoms_EN_160x600_090511.jpg

It's wonderful that MXM has featured so many images from this campaign on its site. It's definitely one of the company's best ever, and Kailee has never looked more gorgeous.

3rd June 2009, 13:32
Speaking of Kailee O'Sullivan (as everybody has been, after her new profile), did others catch the new MXM cover today?


Very nice shot, and again the beautiful landscape in the background is the perfect setting.

What was said in Kailee's profile true - MXM really does like cropping its pictures close on Kailee's pretty face. And who can blame them?

Oh, I also came across another Kailee ad banner recently:


It's wonderful to see how widely MXM is disseminating these beautiful images.

10th June 2009, 03:48
I think this thread may hold the record for the all-time greatest number of responses. But who can resist adding to it, when MXM produces weekly covers that are so beautiful?

This week, it's the largest, loveliest reproduction of the Kailee-with-a-guitar image that is so popular. She looks so pretty in that feminine peasant blouse. I recall Kailee saying in her recent profile that she likes to dress in white, and sure enough, the white blouse goes wonderfully with her fair complexion.


I also love Kailee's relaxed pose, reclining on a blanket in a natural landscape.

17th June 2009, 08:20
Yay! I finally get a chance to make a contribution of my own to this thread.

A new MXM cover is on the site today. It's a larger close-up of a picture that's been posted earlier, but this is the biggest, clearest version.


She's so pretty. And now that I've read her amazing profile on this site, I almost feel like I know her. I can attach a personality to the picture, and if anything that makes her even more beautiful to me.

25th June 2009, 15:41
Another new Kailee cover at MXM, not to be missed:


Variations of this image have been posted before, but I like this way this one is framed, to include the brim of her straw hat. I love the way the light shines through it. And Kailees expression makes me wonder, "Whats on her mind?"

Its a very warm, summery, gentle image. Renoiresque. I feel happier just looking at it.

13th July 2009, 04:40
After a break of a few weeks, MXM has Kailee back on its cover again. I really like this cover, because it's a close-up of one of the most engaging images of the campaign - the picture of Kailee with the mirror.


Her eyes are haunting in this image. I remember that she tended to open her eyes really wide in the spring campaign, but here they're heavily lidded and mysterious, and her expression is seductively indolent. As always, the verdurous background greatly enriches the effect.