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M. Lopez
8th April 2009, 17:54
Generally, I don't find a lot of Crystal Renn's work as groundbreaking as it could be because she is only a size 12, and most photographers shoot her to make her look even smaller.

Her new editorial in Australian Harper's Bazaar is better, though. I don't care for the ugly colour filtering, but at least the photographer found the one aspect of her body that does look plus-size - her lovely thighs - and celebrated them in these images.


I think the layout sends an important message in that regard: When shooting a plus-size model, photographers need to learn to emphasize the models' curvy figures, not try to diminish them to make them look straight-size.

http://i42.tinypic.com/e0gawz.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/2yl4v36.jpg

I do wish the magazines would use other, fuller-figured models too, though.

8th April 2009, 21:14
One detail that I especially like in the top and bottom-right images is that you can actually see a trace of texture on Crystal's legs. Magazines almost always airbrush this feature away, unfortunately, so it's wonderful to see that this editorial left it in. Dimpled, textured skin is a perfectly natural trait that is very common to full-figured goddesses. Even teenage girls, if they're curvaceous, will often exhibit this trait.

Images like this, with this detail is left in, can help women realize that it isn't a "flaw" but a normal aspect of their beauty. So bravo to Haper's Bazaar for their choice not to airbrush away such a natural characteristic. I wish more images of plus-size models would include such features.

21st June 2009, 05:53
Here is the link to larger pictures from this shoot on the actual Australian Harper's Bazaar site:


I find it totally unsurprising that while Crystal does editorials all the time, it is THIS editorial, specifically, that has captured public attention and garnered worldwide attention - much more than her other work.

Why? Its obvious. In this shoot, the photographer didnt try to shoot her to make her look smaller (as it often the case in magazine pictorials), but to make her look curvier - to show as much of her curves as possible. That is a result of the poses, the clothing, etc. If anything, he made her look like a 12/14 at least, which makes you wish that Crystal really were a but fuller-figured. (If only she were a full 14, or a 14/16!)

If Crystal did more shoots in which she really looked plus, she would be even more revolutionary. Nice to see that this photog and magazine got it right (although I agree about the unappealing colour filtering).