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30th April 2009, 01:53
Every once in a while you find a campaign that does things so well, that you can't understand why everyone in the world doesn't follow suit.

I stumbled across a Danish plus-size label called "Dear Starlet" just the other day, and while their current spring/summer promotion is boring, their previous fall/winter campaign was so effective that I have to share the pictures here.

Just look at how curvy their model appears, and how proudly the photographer has posed her to show off her voluptuous shape. And she is definitely a true plus-size model, with a generous bust and hips. But she's younger, not matronly.


The only thing I don't care for is the short hairstyle. But I love how closely fitted the clothing is on her. This is an approach to styling based on showing off a well-fed woman's curves.


This being a European client, some of the pictures are a bit arty, but I like how you can see her full arms through this top, and you can even perceive the softness of her waist.


I like this picture best of all because it shows her in a sleeveless top, and not only do her arms look full, but you can even see that they aren't perfectly smooth but have some texture, which is a beautiful natural detail shared by truly curvy women.


Like I said, it's a pity that their current campaign isn't nearly as good. But these pictures from last season got it right.

The formula is simple: Find a young and visibly full-figured model, and show off her curves as much as possible. The results are pure size-celebration.

You can still see tiny versions of the images from the past season at the bottom of this page on the company's site:


1st May 2009, 22:45
Wow! Thank you for posting these very beautiful pictures! It's wonderful to see how sexy and alluring a full-figured woman can be. We truly are goddesses.

8th May 2009, 21:43
I loved this campaign and I love the photos. They look almost good enough to be included in one of the top high fashion magazines and this model is very beautiful.