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5th May 2009, 18:36
How exciting to see that Chloe Agnew now has an official Web site!

The address is:


The design is lovely, and I'm delighted to see that the first 19 pictures in her photo gallery are from The Judgment of Paris (screen caps from the Slane Castle DVD).

Here's a new one, though, in which Chloe looks especially gorgeous.


A beautiful site for a beautiful singer.

6th May 2009, 15:44
I simply cannot understand the prevailing attitude of the 'fashion' industry - certainly not here in the UK - that 'normal' is the figure of a woman who seems to have spent 20 years on a diet of bread and water - without the bread. As more beautiful women such as Chloe move to opening their own official websites, so hopefully the profile and natural leading role of the womanly figure will in turn become the norm.

It is patently absurd and illogical to claim that plus-size models aren't the natural representatives of the womankind as celebrated since the dawn of time, and that the skeletons on the catwalk are what society expects to be shown as the norm.

Thanks to posts on this site, I believe, there are some writers in some daily and weekly newspapers who occasionally try to fly the flag for the curvaceous goddess. But I think we have a long way to go before the powerful, luxurious and voluptuously natural beauty of womankind is universally celebrated.

22nd May 2009, 23:07
Chloe is exceptionally beautiful. I got introduced to her through Judgment of Paris, but have grown to love her INCREDIBLE vocal talent (she is the star of Celtic Woman), and my father is totally in love with her (and my mom was voluptuous, that's how I got my figure). Feminine is feminine, period. She is absolutely lovely and angelic. Her body is natural.

10th June 2009, 17:44
On YouTube, I discovered a brand-new "video diary" entry from Chloe. This is her third, by the way.

It seems that it was filmed about a week ago, because in it she talks about the current Celtic Woman tour, and refers to her forthcoming 20th-birthday celebrations, which took place yesterday. She has the prettiest speaking voice I've ever heard. You can often tell from someone's speaking voice how beautiful a singing voice they would have, and vice-versa.

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She's adorable.

It's interesting - she and Kailee and Christina Schmidt are all about the same age, all full-figured beauties, and both Chloe and Kailee are soprano singers. They must have all been born under the same blessed star.

30th June 2009, 10:31
Chloe and her group Celtic Woman was on Good Morning America earlier today, performing a new song of theirs called "O, America."

Here's the video:

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Chloe looks indescribably gorgeous in this performance. She has a close-up from 1:40 to 2:10 that will just take your breath away. Her facial features are soft and full. She becomes more beautiful every time she appears on TV.

30th June 2009, 22:17
Ooh, Chloe does look gorgeous in that video. I just wish the host had allowed her to speak for a few moments as well as sing. She has such a charming speaking voice - as pretty as her singing voice.

I adore Chloe's long, long blonde tresses and luscious, womanly figure.

I found several captures of Chloe from this program on a CW fan site:




She's absolutely stunning.

The rest of the album is here:


5th July 2009, 11:42
Chloe was on the Today Show this morning, and the video is now on YouTube. It's a nice performance with some lovely close-ups of Chloe, but the network appallingly cut the performance off before the end, because the show ran out of time. The cutoff is really jarring too.

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All in all, the Good Morning America presentation of Chloe and her group singing the same song was much better.

5th August 2009, 16:03
I just came across a short new article about everyone's favorite Irish songbird, Chloe Agnew:


Apparently, Celtic Woman has just finished taping a new DVD, to be released in the fall. I can't wait! Chloe is sure to look gorgeous, as always.

The storz comes with a picture too:


Very pretty...