View Full Version : Lovely Raven-Symone

29th September 2005, 23:23
If there is one celebrity who deserves praise along with Christina Schmidt for being a great role model and delivering a positive message of body-love, it's Raven-Symone.

Here is an image of Raven at a recent event. She is naturally curvy and beautiful, and exudes confidence:


There are more images of the event at raven-symone.org, a great fan site for the actress:


I just hope that, like Christina, Raven continues to be a rare example of a public figure who helps undo the damage that the media inflicts on young women everywhere.

(She would make a great plus-size model, too!)

1st October 2005, 20:20
Raven looks gorgeous in that picture. I wish she would dress glamorously more often for public appearances, because when she does, she really looks gorgeous.

Raven actually looks curvier than many of the so-called plussize models that I see in the stores these days - which is great for Raven, but a really sad comment about the state of some of todays plussize retailers.

I cannot begin to give Christina Schmidt and Raven enough praise for NOT knuckling industry to industry pressure, but remaining full-figured. I hope this means we will finally have at least a few celebrities who wont betray their fans, but will remain role models for positive body image.