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4th June 2009, 20:49
While browsing for swim apparel for the summer season, I discovered a model at an Australian swimwear site that is one of the most perfectly gorgeous plus-size models I've ever seen.

It's almost like she was created to every specification of timeless beauty. She reminds me a bit of Heather Shantora, but I think this model is fuller-figured.


Isn't she stunning? She's buxom, has golden hair, gorgeously full arms, a cute round face, and even a curve under her chin. She also has very fair skin.


The photography is straightforward, but I don't mind that at all. They didn't erase the texture of her arms and legs, but showed her in all of her natural beauty. You can even see the round fullness of her waist.


She also has beautifully full legs.


You can see the fullness of her waist and arms in this photo (and no jutting clavicle).


But in all of the pictures she looks completely confident, and happy, and comfortable with herself.


And the swimsuits look ten times better on her than they would look on a faux-plus model (let alone on a bone-rack emaciated waif).


She looks young and curvy and opulently proportioned and drop-dead gorgeous. She's a rare perfect example of the kind of plus-size model everybody wants to see more often. I have no idea if she's represented by any agencies, but I hope so - and I hope she shows up more often.


Here's the company's site:


5th June 2009, 14:38
She is indeed a vision of beauty. How I long for the day when bikinis are made for and modeled by women with such stunning figures!

5th June 2009, 22:16
This model is very lovely. I like her unaffected poses, lush figure, and sunny smile. I hope we see more from this young lady; it's a pity we don't yet know her name.

20th June 2009, 16:41
No exaggeration - this is one of the most gorgeous models ever featured on this site. She has the perfect figure for swimwear - or for showcasing any other manner of clothing. Plus, she has the face of an angel.

I found a few more pictures of her on the CurvySea site. The ones already posted are the finest, but every image of this goddess is worth seeing.





If she can look this stunning in what is obviously rather rudimentary photography, just imagine how dazzling she would be in a high-quality campaign.

21st June 2009, 19:03
Her name is Brooke Beverley, her website here (http://www.starnow.com/MissBee)

22nd June 2009, 06:10
Most of the pictures in that portfolio don't do her much justice, although it's nice to see that she's an Aus 18/20, which means a 16/18 in U.S. sizes. No wonder she has such a great figure.

With a little searching, I turned up this great headshot:


And an elegant dress photo:


I also found several nice commercial shots for something called the "Curvaceous catalogue". The decadent curves of her figure makes these garments look far sexier than they would be on a faux-plus model.




But the most interesting pictures I discovered show her in a Goth-inspired shoot.



I adore her pillow-like softness in this photo, and her fair complexion.


She has just about the most luscious, most gorgeous arms I've ever seen on a plus-size model.



There's an alluring sense of heaviness about her figure in these pics.



Truly stunning beauty.

22nd June 2009, 09:40
Perhaps it's time for a new model gallery for Miss Beverley. Pretty please? It appears that she, like Shannon Marie, Kate Dillon, and Crystal Renn, all began their modeling careers as underfed "straight-size" models. I would love to know the story of her evolution into one of the most beautiful plus-size models I have ever seen.