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3rd October 2005, 01:09
<br><strong>NEWS FLASH:</strong> We have just learned that Christina Schmidt is now signed for fashion and print modelling with Brand Models and Talent, in Los Angeles.<p><center>* * *</center></p>It is also our distinct pleasure to present another new interview with the model and actress, in which she discusses her Young Artist Awards win, her recent Torrid experience, and a host of other topics.

Everyone has probably seen segments on <i>Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition,</i> etc., which show the preparations that stars undergo prior to a big event, such as the Oscars, or the Emmys. We have tried to give this interview a bit of that flavour, with an extended, behind-the-scenes look at the activities surrounding Christina's appearance at the Young Artist Awards.

Let us hope that, in the near future, curvaceous starlets will increasingly become treated to "celebrity profiles" of this nature.

In the interview, Christina offers a number of insights about style and makeup, but she also addresses the topic of fashion and the fuller female figure <i>in principle,</i> and her statements on that subject will undoubtedly prove to be just as inspiring to many of her peers as was her famous <i>Degrassi</i> plus-size model episode.

Christina remains one of the best spokespersons for size celebration that we have ever come across. She represents a singular opportunity for the plus-size industry. Let us hope that the industry has the foresight to capitalize on her limitless potential.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/cap121.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cschmidt2.htm" target="_blank">Click here to read ''Girls with Curves Have an Advantage''</a>

M. Lopez
3rd October 2005, 05:30
I always eagerly look forward to every new interview with Christina. Whenever I read her words, I always have the sense that I am looking into the near future, into a time when thin-obsessions really have been relegated to the past, and sociey has finally fallen back in love with the classical figure.

At first I read through it quickly, and was especially struck by the following statement, where Christina was talking about how dresses look better on curvaceous figures:

"Her curves made it look so much better than if a skinny, skinny girl was wearing it. And jeans always look wicked on girls with curves. And tank tops…I think curves are in. I think girls with curves have an advantage."

I actually said "Yes!" out loud when I read that. I've been dying to hear someone say that. But then I thought, could she really mean it?

And then I listened to the second audio clip, which was of that very statement, and Christina said those words with such enthusiasm and relish, I know it's sincere.

What an inspiring model. I'm so glad she's going to continue modeling......

3rd October 2005, 15:07
I agree - that statement was one of those great moments of celebration that we just dont have enough of, when it comes to plus. The way Christina says it, its like she has discovered a secret that a lot of people havent realized yet - that a curvy figure actually looks better.

I was also struck by the other audio quote, which she said with just as much enthusiasm, when she talked about why she loves being a plussize model -

"I think that is so cool. And even if I was just to have one girl look up to me, and say that, “You helped me, helped me feel good about myself,” that would satisfy me. But having lots of girls—I think that is just so amazing. It makes me feel so good. I think that’s my favourite part about being in this industry, is having other girls look up to me, having a positive influence on other girls, helping other girls feel beautiful about themselves."

When you hear how she says that, I think it shows that she is doing it for the right reasons, not just for a bit of fame, but for a principle. I have always believed in Christina as a great champion of the cause, and this interview confirms my belief even more.

I also love those pictures from the YAA ceremony. I know the last time I went out to a formal event, I chose a dress that was a lot more daring that what I once would have wore. And it actually was the example of Christina in that red dress that helped me decide to take a chance.

3rd October 2005, 18:42
I just adore those new pictures. Christina has a glow, a radiance, that I have only seen in a very, very few plus-size goddesses. And she has just about the most perfect curvy figure I've ever seen- like a teen Barbara Brickner. When she says,

"I think girls with curves have an advantage."


"Her curves made it look so much better than if a skinny, skinny girl was wearing it"

I couldn't help but think how perfectly those statements applied to her own images, especially in that unforgettable red dress.

The other thing that always makes reading about Christina such a joy is she's so honest. There's nothing fake about her at all. I loved this part-

"CS: Well, whenever I have to wake up earlier than, I think, one o’clock, it’s kind of hectic. [laughing]

HSG: Is that your usual wake-up time?

CS: Between twelve, one…sometimes pushing to two."

That's so endearing. That, and when she talked about how good it feels to be in front of the camera. She's really speaking from the heart, and not reading a politically-correct comment that some publicist wrote for her.

I can't get enough of Christina. Way to go to Brand for signing her. I hope we see much more of her in the coming months.

3rd October 2005, 21:57
Wow, I really needed to read that today. I was feeling so down. But that interview made me feel much better. I think the pictures are amazing and I love everything Christina said. But the part that really got me was when she said that even if she was not a model, she would still try to be positive and confident because it makes you feel better about yourself than if you put yourself down. That really, really got to me. Not everybody can have Christina's looks, I know, but you can pick up her attitude & her freedom. Or at least you can try.

And I love that neat tip she gave about eye makeup. I want to try that someday.

9th October 2005, 01:43
The other thing that always makes reading about Christina such a joy is she's so honest. There's nothing fake about her at all. I loved this part-

"CS: Well, whenever I have to wake up earlier than, I think, one o’clock, it’s kind of hectic. [laughing]

HSG: Is that your usual wake-up time?

CS: Between twelve, one…sometimes pushing to two."
I loved that detail too, and I was wondering why. Then it occurred to me that in many historic paintings, goddesses are often depicted in a state of repose, and somehow, this langour adds considerably to their beauty. It has a soothing effect on the viewer. So for all that Christina may be a contemporary girl, she does have a touch of the goddess about her -- as do all of the greatest plus-size models.

I enjoyed the interview more than I can say, even though I am of a different generation. And the images are simpy stunning. This is my favourite, which shows her face and figure so beautifully --


9th October 2005, 19:45
<br>The interview has also prompted a number of readers to write in with their reactions, and those reactions have been truly heartening.

Here are two that especially stood out.

A visitor named "Brandie" submitted the following comment, along with a vote for Christina from our survey page:<p><blockquote><i>She's very beautiful and sexy. She's one of my rolemodels. Being plus-size myself, its great to see her doing things with such confidence, especially now when a lot of actresses are taking extreme measures to be thin. Seeing them taking those extreme measures is rather depressing and influential. Everytime I see her, I feel good about myself.</i></blockquote><p>And "Robin" cast a ballot for Christina accompanied by the following statement, which is simultaneously an expression of gratitude for full-figured models in general:<p><blockquote><i>Christina Schmidt has inspired me so much. She showed me that it's not always about being a size 2 in life. As long as you love yourself, and you have confidence, that's all that should matter! Thank you to all of you plus size models, I will consider not letting myself down about my weight, and just love myself!</i></blockquote><p>We earnestly hope that the talented professionals who are responsible for making the plus-size industry such a boon to society--from the models, to the photographers and creative teams, to the companies whose financial investment drives the whole enterprise--realize how profoundly their work touches the lives of countless young women. If there is to be a cultural renewal, it will be due to their noble efforts.

A casual look for Christina, from an episode of <i>Degrassi: The Next Generation</i>:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/cap222.jpg"></center>