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16th July 2009, 17:45
Here's something that made me smile. According to this (http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2009/07/kylie_makes_dreams_come_true_f.html) article, Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry in the Harry Potter movies, says that he is looking for a "curvy" girlfriend.

The quote:

Reason to adore Daniel Radcliffe: When asked if he'd rather date an American or a Brit, he responded, "American for now I really have no preference though. Nationality is nothing. It's all about the girl but she has to be curvy!"
I hope that by "curvy" he means really curvy, not Hollywood curvy (which isn't curvy at all). But it's a nice statement. And it's yet another reason to like the Harry Potter movies, besides the fact that Kailee O'Sullivan mentioned her love of Harry Potter in Part 2 of her Judgment of Paris interview. She said:

I love Harry Potter. Its a fantasy world.
And that's very fitting, because for Kailee to be as amazingly pretty as she is, there has to be some magic involved!

17th July 2009, 04:54
That's very sweet! I hope it's true. It would be wonderful to have more Hollywood heartthrobs making such declarations - and even more wonderful if they were to appear in public with curvy girls on their arms. I could easily see Kailee being escorted by Daniel Radcliffe to a Harry Potter premiere. She'd be far, far more beautiful than any Hollywood celebrity.

The story reminds me of a similar bit of fluff about Zac Efron, who is apparently another teen sensation:


As the article has it:

Zac Efron: I like curvy girls

Heartthrob doesn't tend to go for super-skinny types

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Zac Efron isnt a big fan of stick-thin women.

The High School Musical hunk, who is dating co-star Vanessa Hudgens, prefers a fuller figure.

I dont know the exact measurements, but I like curvy girls, girls with hips, he reveals.

I dont always find myself dating super-skinny girls.'It would be wonderful to see more celebrities with gorgeous, plus-size girlfriends.