View Full Version : Grace: Ann Harvey, etc.

19th July 2009, 02:29
Although Kailee O'Sullivan is definitely the shining star of Hughes Models, I've also been a fan of the agency's blonde beauty Grace ever since she was introduced on the forum last year:


Her test shots are beautiful, and her campaign for Oola Lingerie is one of the most beautiful sleepwear promotions I've ever seen. She is a bit on the slim side, but she does have a sensually untoned figure. That's especially evident in this pretty picture from her portfolio. I don't know what the context is, but it's clearly a tear sheet, and I'm glad that whatever publication this was allowed her to show off her full, round waist.


That's what makes her such a great lingerie model: she has a soft, natural figure.

Anyway, it's nice to see her getting work. Here she is modelling for Ann Harvey, a plus-size chain in the U.K.:


She was also in an Ann Harvey e-mail flyer that I just received, looking quite curvy:


A lovely, angelic-looking headshot. She reminds me a bit of Chloe Agnew here:


Here's the link to the flyer itself. I hope that Grace continues to appear in ad campaigns (and becomes more curvy, not less):