View Full Version : Myer (Aus) to use plus-size models

M. Lopez
4th August 2009, 17:10
Although this doesn't directly affect the public outside of Australia, it's nice not only to see a new department store using plus-size models, but making a publicity splash about it too. I've seen a fair bit of news coverage about this.


The article comes with an image of a genuinely full-figured model, in a very pretty dress.

A few points:

Size 16-plus girls will appear in the retail giant's in-store parades as it acknowledges the role fashion for fuller figures is taking in its business.

Myer director of apparel Judy Coomber said it was the first time plus-size models had been included in the twice-yearly round of parades that traditionally start the retailer's new season.

Julie Parker, from eating disorder support organisation the Butterfly Foundation, said Myer's support of plus-size fashion would have a positive impact on the way larger women felt about themselves.

"Knowing there are plus-size models on the catwalk and that the clothing is starting to get more public attention and advertising, they are going to feel more confident," she said.
It's nice to hear that the models will be truly plus-size (16 and up means 14 and up in U.S. sizes).

Also, this retailer is smart in realizing that it can get some free publicty (and good publicity at that - highlighting this as a boon to women's body image) by introducing larger models. Retailers in North Amercia should take note.

6th August 2009, 09:56
The photo which accompanies the article is lovely.


The model, in a soft, pink, floral dress, is pictured beside water in the midst of a city, like an irruption of nature's beauty and power into a landscape seemingly subjugated to industry and utility. Her smile is almost mischievous, as if she is delighting in her power to outshine an entire city with her beauty and vitality.

7th August 2009, 13:20
I really wish the North American retailers would adopt the same attitude as the Australians. We are very beautiful, plus size women, and we deserve to be represented as such!

18th August 2009, 15:55
Here's another recent article about this event:


Positive text, and best of all it comes with a picture (a good one) of a visibly full-figured model named Courtney Maxwell, dressed in a curve-adoring manner.


Be sure to check out the accompanying slide show with the article too.