View Full Version : ''Being comfortable in your own skin''

20th August 2009, 13:34
Glamour has published an article on "being comfortable in your own skin," detailing with the ways voluptuous goddesses and their smaller sisters alike are too often blind to their own beauty, and the efforts some photographers, salespeople, and others have made to help such women celebrate their bodies.

A particularly size-celebratory vignette comes from bridal consultant Harriet Sedgwick:

"I once had a client who was a size 24. Judging from what she wore to the store, I could tell she knew exactly how to dress her body. She really wanted an A-line dress with back pleats, but her mom insisted it made her butt look huge. After trying on tentlike styles that hid her lovely curves—to please her mother—she was mentally exhausted. I felt so bad. I called her the next day and said, 'Honey, you’re going to find that dress. Stick to what you know you look good in—and you know!' All women should tune out what others say if it conflicts with what they believe. When you stay true to yourself, you feel good.”
From a waitress at a restaurant called (swoon) The Chocolate Room (http://www.thechocolateroombrooklyn.com/1home/cafe.php) comes this gem:

“When women show up with friends at the dessert restaurant where I work, they indulge happily. But as soon as guys are around, women insist they can't handle their own slice of cake. I want us to quit worrying about what we assume guys think. Ladies, order your own dessert!”
Doubtless, many of the men in question love a woman who unapologetically indulges her appetite for luscious sweets!