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24th August 2009, 19:03
<br>For weeks--months, even--fans have been eagerly awaiting two particicular campaigns of the coming season. And now, at last, the first image from one of these has been released--that being Christina Schmidt's FW 2009 promotion for Nygard (or, give it its proper name, Nygård).

Nygård is a well-known label that is widely distributed throughout North America--most notably by The Bay in Canada, and by Dillard's in the U.S. For Christina to appear in a campaign for this label is a significant career success. And as expected, the first image from the promotion is a masterpiece.

Christina exudes effortless charm, her round facial features lovelier than ever. Her smile is carefree and easygoing; her eyes sparkle with wit and a newfound maturity. She has grown out her hair again, and looks absolutely gorgeous. She appears both youthful and sophisticated, fresh yet elegant--perfect for the Nygård attire.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/nygard01.jpg"></center><p>This banner is a preview of a major campaign for the entire Nygård lineup, and raises fans' anticipation even further for more images from the promotion.

- <a href="http://www.nygard.com/onlinestore/Category.aspx?Catalog=Nygard+Collection&Category=Womens&inCountry=CD" target="_blank">Click here to view image at the Nygård site</a>

26th August 2009, 15:18
I've really missed Christina! I'm so glad to see her in a new campaign. She looks wonderful!

I hope that Nygard will issue more images from this campaign soon.

And yes, it's terrific to see Christina with longer hair again, which suits her so well. I hope that she will continue to grow it out.

What a lovely smile!

27th December 2009, 22:17
At last, today I came upon the second image from Christina's Nygard campaign to be posted online. Apparently many more are up in the Nygard stores and at affiliated retailers. But here she is modelling for the company's "Alia" line:


She looks so pretty in that cranberry colour. I've always adored her facial features and curvy figure.

Here's the direct link to the page: