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5th July 2005, 12:05
Here is an article about plus-size fashion that I consider very refreshing, because the writer is so enthusiastic and positive.

She says that she "admires" full-figured women who dress fashionably, and she approvingly says that her model for the article likes "to show off her full figure":


Too bad the online version doesn't come with images.

I thought this was an especially valuable comment on her part:

Often people will comment on how much better they would look if they were 10 pounds thinner. My comment is to dress for the body that you have. We are the size that we are and we should be proud of our body type. I admire women and men who are full-figured and have the confidence to carry their weight and show their body type off by dressing in trendy fashions.
I don't know about the merits of her actual color philosophy, but at least she has a great attitude.

5th July 2005, 17:30
<br>"Dress for the body you have." Yes, what a wonderful sentiment. In fact, apart from the regrettable title--and regardless of the writer's specific advice--this article is a shining example of how a plus-size fashion article should be written. It expresses a 100% positive outlook, even suggesting a <i>preference</i> for the fuller female figure, and states that plus-size women <i>"should be proud of [their] body type."</I> It enthuses about the beauty and confidence of the model. It avoids any mention of "flaws," or "dressing thinner" or "minimizing" anything. And it makes no reference to any mythical weight "epidemic," or to the associated bogus statistics.

This is the basic approach that any individual who write about plus-size fashion should take. And one suspects that half of the reason why so many articles with mixed messages and generally negative points of view get written is simply because those are the only kinds of articles that the authors themselves have ever read. Thus, the negativity simply perpetuates itself. No one stops to ask basic questions, such as "How could burying a figure under yards of fabric possibly benefit a woman's silhouette?" or "<i>Why</I> would we assume that a more androgynous shape would be preferable?"

Let's hope that this article represents the advent of a more celebratory approach to plus-size fashion.

Charlotte Paterson (Wilhelmina/12PlusUK) modelling for Quintesse, London:

<center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/quintesse.jpg"></center>