View Full Version : Whitney on KTLA, for Torrid

25th September 2009, 01:58
This is a cute video - Whitney Thompson is in L.A. working for Torrid, and this morning she co-hosted a plus-size fashion segment on KTLA (a Los Angeles TV station) featuring Torrid models:


She's wearing her hair dark now, but I love the fact that it has length. I'll always like her blonde style best, but she was also beautiful early in her ANTM season with hair this colour - only it looks much better now, with the extra length.

And I always love hearing her voice. She has that wonderful prom-princess, queen-bee feminine voice that is so appealing. She does a great job hosting this segment.

But I do wish that Kelsey had been one of the models in the show. She is by far my favourite Torrid model.

3rd October 2009, 13:30
Torrid has posted an "excerpts" video from its House of Dreams runway show:

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It's a pity that Kelsey didn't participate in it. I have no doubt that she would be stunning on the runway.

You can catch a glimpse of Whitney at 1:44 and Hayley at 1:47. It's a shame that the video doesn't include at least a few snippets of what they had to say.

Interestingly, Torrid is offering some of the gowns from the show to the public, on ebay:


Whitney's gown is the prettiest, and she looks good in it. It emphasizes her best figure features - her curvy abdomen and hips:

The gown is size 14W, although I suspect that it's wishful thinking to believe that Whitney is that curvy. (Torrid might have pinned it on her.)