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5th October 2009, 14:50
<br>The most significant image (and corresponding article) in the November issue of <i>Glamour</I> magazine are being ably discussed in <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1625" target="_blank">this</a> thread, so we feel no need to say more on the subject. The magazine's promise to feature more plus-size models in the future is encouraging, and readers can only hope that the publication will follow through on this commitment.

However, true advocates of size-celebration are tempering their enthusiasm. Let us be clear: even the November <i>Glamour</I> is very limited in its presentation of plus-size beauty. There is the two-page nude editorial, a table-of-contents photo featuring Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller, and a few small pictures of plus-size models in the fashion-advice section. That's all. Otherwise, the issue is filled, cover to cover, with images of underweight waifs, not full-figured goddesses. Likewise, the cover features Scarlett Johansson, not a plus-size actress, and even Miss Johansson is now sporting a diminished figure. Worst of all, the issue contains not just one, but numerous diet ads.

In other words, as it stands, <i>Glamour</I> can hardly be hailed as the successor to <i>Mode.</I> Even the poorest issue of <i>Figure</I> contained more size-celebratory material than this, not to mention offering a waif-free environment.

Therefore, we have to be realistic. A <i>Glamour</I> with a few plus-size models is, obviously, far better than a <i>Glamour</I> with no such content, but even the new-and-improved publication cannot take the place of a magazine that would exclusively serve the plus-size community--one that would feature full-figured models in fashion and beauty editorials, and forbid the inclusion of any diet ads.

But we do have to give <i>Glamour</I> credit for consistently including more size-positive imagery than any of its rival publications. In the past, it has featured several Judgment of Paris favourites in its editorial pages, and in the current issue, MSA star Lindsey Garbelman (size 14/16) makes her <i>Glamour</I> debut.

Lindsey looks beautiful in this picture, casual and lighthearted. Her smile is warm and endearing. She seems to be poised to take on the world, but in a relaxed and easygoing manner. Even the text is commendable, advising full-figured women to avoid "too-large styles" (so true!).<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/lindsey/glamour01b.jpg"></center><p>Bravo to Lindsey for this significant editorial success. May it lead to further magazine appearances for her in the near future. And kudos to <i>Glamour</I> for committing itself to featuring more full-figured models. Let us hope that the magazine will not disappoint the many women who are now cheering its good intentions.

Simultaneously, though, let us hope for the emergence of a plus-specific magazine in the future, one that will exhibit the fashionability of <i>Mode,</I> the genuinely full-figured casting policies of <i>Figure,</I> and instead of promoting diet-starvation or exercise-torture, will evince a wholly affirmative, pro-plus philosophy.

- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/lindsey/glamour01.jpg" target="_blank">Click to view image larger</a>