View Full Version : Marritt - Back at Igigi

10th October 2009, 12:20
Many of us became fans of Marritt's work for Igigi last year, so it's wonderful to finally see a new image of Miss Pike at Igigi.com:



However, what a shame that (as of yet) there's no product video. What made Marritt's campaigns so exciting were the videos that Igigi shot of her showing off the outfits. I hope Igigi brings those back, as they give a much better sense of an outfit's look than still images do.

Also, there are still two pictures of Marritt in the "wedding" section of the Igigi site, but although those product pages do contain film links, the links don't work.

I hope there will be more of Marritt at Igigi now, and especially, more videos.

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