View Full Version : Hayley Hasselhoff: Reality show?

19th October 2009, 17:25
Here's an interesting bit of gossip: Word is that the Hasselhoff family, and Hayley in particular, is in talks to star in a reality show for A&E:


Says the article:

Hayley sparked rumours a show was in the works just last week, with a posting on her Twitter.com page. She wrote, "The Hasselhoffs signed the deal with A&E... Get readdyy (sic) for it."

Network bosses have now confirmed a deal is in the works. A spokesman says, "We are discussing a possibility of doing a documentary series with David and his kids."
This could be a wonderful thing - although I'm a bit wary of "reality" shows in general. I don't mind the weird antics that might be worked into a program like this for ratings, so long as Hayley is allowed to look gorgeous (as she always does in those brief paparazzi videos that have been posted here), and most importantly, shown being confident about her curves, and loving herself, rather than ever subjecting herself to diet-starvation or exercise-torture.

As long as the show presents Hayley with positive body image, and being aware of just how gorgeous she is, it could be something wonderful. Young girls would see someone their age looking stunning and being pro-plus. It could even include footage of, say, Hayley at a Torrid shoot (maybe with Kelsey?), or doing other plus-size modelling.

Well, let's hope.

3rd November 2009, 02:19
Access Hollywood recently posted a great new video featuring Hayley, which was shot at the recent Torrid fashion show:


It begins with her famous father David talking about how Hayley got her origins as a plus-size model. Apparently Hayley was signed with Ford, and Torrid picked her solely based on her beautiful look. They didn't even know she was David Hasselhoff's daughter! I love that, because it shows that her beauty was what got her noticed, not her celebrity name. And Torrid was right to pick her, because she's sooooo pretty when she's curvy.

Later, Hayley herself talks a bit about why Torrid is so terrific. She also mentions that she's a singer, and has a single coming out in the future. That's great - but above all I hope she remains plus-size and continues modelling!