View Full Version : Hilda (slightly, only slightly, off topic)

28th October 2009, 12:40
Back in 1958, artist Duane Bryers bought to life a beautiful figment of his imagination he named Hilda. Calendars of her remained popular in the sixties.

Hilda embodies the curvaceous beauty that this site champions, and the large number of positive remarks at the bottom of the page bring me hope (and I like how a naysayer is shouted down!).

For your enjoyment: http://4otos.net/2009/10/pinup-hilda-by-duane-bryers.html

28th October 2009, 23:35
She's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea such a gorgeously curvy pinup was still drawn in the late 50s, not even that long ago...

It's wonderful to see all those positive comments, and the few lone voices of objection shouted down! I'll be sure to also voice my appreciation on that site, to add to the number of positive comments on the page.