View Full Version : Evolution of Beauty (T-shirt)

29th October 2009, 01:58
I've always considered this illustration from the Body Shop a perfect graphic statement about the nature of true beauty. It's a take-off on the familiar Darwinian "evolution of man" illustrations, and clearly intimates the superiority of the fuller female figure over the emaciated one:


Well, a friend of mine just e-mailed me and pointed out that a company is marketing T-shirts with a logo on the same theme. I love how this graphic, like the Body Shop ad, unambiguously indicates that weight gain is an improvement. And the way in which the last, fullest silhouette is standing is terrific, with her ultra-confident, model-like pose, flaunting her luscious shape. And with the crouched-down pose of the underweight silhouettes versus the proud stance of the goddess silhouette, the logo also conveys the idea that the fuller physique is healthier as well as more beautiful.


Isn't that brilliant? If anything, they should have made the first silhouette even more shrivelled, to truly look like a minus-size model.

It's too bad that the company URL is so prominent (they could have made it a bit more subtle), but still, I think it's a nifty graphic.

Here's the Web site. You can find the T-shirt under the "promo items" tab: