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3rd November 2009, 02:24
It's nice to see Barbara on the CJ Banks site again. I used to follow her campaigns there, but I haven't seen her with them since 2007.

She's on the cover, and on several landing pages:



She's beautiful in the pictures, but it's a shame that they're so small. CJ Banks used to make the photos much larger, and without all the text:





Also, I remember that they used to shoot in beautiful locations. Still, it's nice to see Barbara being the face of the company again. I just hope that the next campaign will be more elaborate, like the previous shoots were. They were lovely.


4th November 2009, 11:18
Barbara appeared in today's CJ Banks e-flyer too:


Always so beautiful...


6th November 2009, 08:19
Its great to see Barbara back at CJ Banks! She did some great shoots for that company in the past, and I hope this is the beginning of many more.

I received a CJBanks email flyer too just yesterday:


Barbara wears her sunniest smile, and I love how her long hair flows in waves over her shoulders.


You can perceive her curves trying to give the sweater some shape. And its seasonal! Reminds me that the holidays are just around the corner...

8th November 2009, 23:56
That flyer picture has now become the CJBanks site's cover:


I'd like to think that the CJBanks people realized what asset Barbara is to their company image, so they're capitalizing on her beauty to draw more visitors to the site. And it's guaranteed to work. She looks beautiful - warm, friendly, and endearing. The very essence of the holiday spirit.

15th November 2009, 13:03
The CJ Banks site currently features another Barbara cover:


Mrs. Brickner at her lovely best- happy and engaging. The clothing isn't fitted, by you can still perceive her womanly proportions.

Her beauty is enough to ward off the winter chill.

26th November 2009, 11:14
Just thought I'd mention that CJ Banks now has an "Outifts" section, with two ensembles modelled by Barbara. I love her smile in the picture on the right.

http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p6890009_outfit_v275.jpg http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p6889894_outfit_v275.jpg

Here are the links to the product pages:



M. Lopez
9th December 2009, 07:05
Here's Barbara on the current CJ Banks cover, and in a new flyer (http://view.ed4.net/v/IY6E99R/324S/C5CTUYD/X6FNX/MAILACTION=1&FORMAT=H). Beautiful expression, graceful pose. Despite the jacket, you can perceive her curves in that white top underneath.


I just wish the company had shot the campaign in an interesting location, instead of in the studio. Seeing the recent post (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?postid=4634#poststop) about the company's Napa Valley campaign from a few years ago reminds me how creative the CJ Banks promos used to be.

But no matter what, it's marvellous to see Barbara working for them again - and that's the most important thing.

9th December 2009, 07:33
*sighs* just look at how radiant her skin looks in the close up pics! Plus-size models have that glow about them that skinny models just could never have. It's a perfect emulation of good health and enjoyment of life and good food.

Barbara shines in these!