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6th November 2009, 15:29
A bit of Web searching turned up something that I'm sure all admirers of plus-size beauty will be thrilled to see: new images of Katherine Roll.

Katherine is definitely one of my favourites, as a model who is gorgeous and genuinely full-figured, so I was excited to find these. They're from an online portal called "Manik," one of the countless Web entities out there that treat plus-size topics. I don't know how I feel about the styling, but Katherine herself looks stunning. I adore how soft and full her facial features are, and with her supermodel-like high cheekbones, she can pull off even this period makeup style.


The above image comes from this page (http://www.manikmag.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=94&catid=45&Itemid=67) on the site. And I also found another image of Katherine in that outfit on the Manik Facebook. I love the skirt, and how it shows off her curvy legs. As everyone has attested, Katherine has one of the best figures of any plus-size model.


Better still, the page also has more images of Katherine from FFFWeek, so we get to see her looking like an angel again in her phenomenal white outfit. That adorable face framed by golden curls takes my breath away. Her proportions are ideal, and her arms are soft and shapely.


Here's one more. Just ravishing. She's a living doll.


7th November 2009, 10:21
Every time I see new pictures of Katherine from FFFWeek, I almost swoon. She truly epitomized timeless beauty in her appearances in that event. Such a heavenly face, and such a luscious figure - as if a model stepped right out of the loveliest of Rubens paintings and straight onto the runway. I love the fact that her limbs show a trace of dimpled flesh. She's enchanting.