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8th November 2009, 13:32
An article (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/06/AR2009110600088.html) in the Washington Post today describes an exhibit related to the legendary director Federico Fellini that is currently being held in a museum in Paris.

I found this passage noteworthy:

Another section, "City of Women," examines Fellini's relationship with the opposite sex. While married to the petite Giulietta Masina, who appeared in seven of his movies, he not-so-secretly fantasized about more curvaceous women.

In "La Dolce Vita" (1960), the buxom Anita Ekberg wades into Rome's Trevi Fountain,
Sure enough, who can ever forget the sight of the well-fed Miss Ekberg cavorting in the fountain? It's probably the closest thing to a depiction of Classical feminine beauty ever put on the silver screen.

Well, I visited the Web site of the French museum that's holding the exhibit, and one of its pages (http://www.jeudepaume.org/?page=article&idArt=830&lieu=1&idImg=1062) describing the event features pictures from the show - including this amazing drawing by Fellini, from Livre des RÍves, a book showing Fellini's sketches of images from his dreams.


It's titled "RÍve du 1er avril 1975" (which simply means, "Dream of April 1st, 1975"). Isn't it extraordinary? It looks very much like a drawing of Anita Ekberg, except - and this is crucial - it is even fuller figured. Notice especially the much fuller, rounder arms than Anita ever possessed. It recalls a preparatory sketch for a Baroque painting.

The fact that Fellini's vision of perfection comes from one of his dreams is especially significant. As has often been contended on this forum, plus-size beauty represents the true ideal of femininity that resides in the human heart. No wonder that in a dream, Fellini saw that ideal so clearly. As a visual artist, he was able to reproduce it, in a way that most of us (lacking his visionary powers) cannot. But Fellini's dream is the dream of ideal beauty that most human beings hold deep in their subconscious, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

Although Anita Ekberg herself wasn't quite as full-figured as Fellini's dream, in La dolce Vita she came closer than any actress ever did to embodying it, from the romantic tresses to the sensually cut dress.



Notice the sensual curves along her back.


Those curves are more visible here:


10th November 2009, 03:47
Although Anita Ekberg herself wasn't quite as full-figured as Fellini's dream, in La dolce Vita she came closer than any actress ever did to embodying it
I am forever torn whether Anita was closest to ideal beauty in La dolce Vita or in Boccaccio '70, where she appeared even fuller-figured.

Here she is with Fellini during the making of the latter film:



A screencap:


There are many more captures, and a description of the film, in this thread: