View Full Version : Christian Siriano: an unexpected ally?

20th November 2009, 18:22
This week, young Project Runway designer Christian Siriano spoke up (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2009/11/20/designer-christian-siriano-wants-options-figured-women/) in support of plus-size models and fashion.

“I think it’s fabulous,” Siriano said of recent campaigns by magazines like Glamour to include plus size models in their spreads. “I think it’s great and I hope we see more of it.”
Happily, the designer lacks the all-too-common prejudice against making fashionable clothing for voluptuous women.

“If we don’t have a size in our stock or we haven’t made a dress in a certain size, we make it for our client’s request. Hopefully more designers will make more tens, twelves and fourteens.”
Mr. Siriano is enthusiastic about Full-Figured Fashion Week, and wants it to be "bigger" and "more public":

“Honestly, I’d love to see more designers and even the plus size designers do a bigger presentation. I think they should do a more public presentation to appeal to all kinds of women.”
The designer's prêt-à-porter collection ranges up to size 12 -- still very small, but more ample than most designers' offerings -- and includes feminine elements like ruffles, draped necklines, and sensuous silks. And no size-zeros!

3rd December 2009, 14:15
Christian's aesthetic has an amazing European elegance and sophistication. I think his clothes are feminine and dramatic and I'm thrilled that he supports full-figured women in their quest for a beautiful, indulgent wardrobe. The more people speak out against this ridiculous cultural flaw (and ridiculously bad business practice), the harder it's going to be for the fashion industry to remain the same. This isn't just about size acceptance. This is about reinventing the standard of beauty by giving it back to nature.