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28th November 2009, 08:10
<br>As we have noted before, Kathryn Gamble was to <i>Figure</I> magazine what Michel Arnaud was to <i>Mode</i>--the magazine's best photographer, the one who produced the vast majority of the publication's best images.

With that in mind, it is a pleasure to discover that Mrs. Gamble has an official Web site (linked below). Unlike most photographers who shoot full-figured models, however, she actually includes selections from her <i>Figure</I> work on her site.

For example, long-time Judgment of Paris readers will instantly recognize the following two images as being part of the "<a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=459" target="_blank">Romantic Lines</a>" layout, featuring Yanderis Lodos, which appeared in the July/August 2006 issue. Set in a highly romantic Southern plantation, this was the magazine's best-ever editorial. It is a pleasure to see these fine photographs without the text that appeared on the original pages (although that text was actually quite literary, and ennobled the images).<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/yanderis/figure13.jpg"></center><p>This editorial was a masterpiece of aesthetic harmony, for nothing could be more appropriate than seeing a full-figured goddess dressed in a romantic peasant blouse, adorned with chandelier earrings, and photographed in such a gorgeous locale. Every aspect of the layout, including the model's dreamy expressions, epitomized timeless beauty.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/yanderis/figure14.jpg"></center><p>Bookending Mrs. Gamble's <i>Figure</I> work, her site also features two never-before-seen outtakes from the shoot for another Yanderis layout, "<a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1506" target="_blank">Prints Charming</a>," which appeared in the magazine's final issue, March/April 2009.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/yanderis/figure15.jpg"></center><p>These outtakes are similar to the published images, but with slightly different poses. The picture above is highly sensual, with a soft-featured Yanderis alluringly slipping the strap of her dress off of her shoulder. And the following headshot is actually much prettier than the corresponding image that ran in the magazine.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/yanderis/figure16.jpg"></center><p>It is a pity that Mrs. Gamble's site does not include more images of Kelsey Olson, who was to <i>Figure</I> what Kate Dillon was to <i>Mode</i>--the magazine's most recognizable model. Kelsey appeared in <i>Figure</I> numerous times, including a memorable layout shot by Mrs. Gamble called "<a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1434" target="_blank">Now & Then</a>," from the Nov/Dec 2008 issue, which featured Kelsey channelling a <i>Moonlighting</i>-era Cybill Shepherd.<p><center>* * *</center><p>In retrospect, <i>Figure</I> magazine is deeply missed. Its best layouts, such as the ones that are linked in this post, were the equal of anything in <i>Mode,</I> and in fact superior to <i>Mode</i>'s editorial content during the last two years of its existence, when it had devolved into a faux-plus publication. If it hadn't been for <i>Figure</i>'s occasional lapses into diet-related advertising (an unforgivable obscenity), it would be even more fondly remembered. As it was, <i>Figure</i> was a bimonthly guarantee of at least one memorable layout celebrating timeless beauty, which is far more than what we have today. <i>Glamour</i>'s efforts, so far, haven't even come close--let alone the fact that unlike <i>Figure,</I> said magazine does not provide a waif-free environment, so it cannot be considered a size-positive publication.

One hopes that a successor to <i>Figure</I> will appear presently, a magazine that will maintain <i>Figure</i>'s excellent model-booking policies, but deliver a more resolutely size-positive message, with no body-diminishment advertising whatsoever.

We also hope that the talented Mrs. Gamble will have more opportunities to shoot plus-size models in the future.

- <a href="http://www.kathryngamble.com/" target="_blank">www.KathrynGamble.com</a>