View Full Version : SizeAppeal Americana

M. Lopez
19th October 2005, 01:44
I don't think anyone has mentioned it here yet, but I think the current SizeAppeal campaign deserves at least a nod. I know some people think it's a little on the obvious side, and I tend to agree. It probably would have worked better with just a little more restraint. I do think the approach of using GQ-type models is a good one in principle, but when Torrid has done this in the past (eg with Charlotte Coyle), they were a little more reserved about it, and made sure that the female model was the focus of attention. That probably was the better approach. With the SizeAppeal images, I think the ones without the male models are actually the better ones.

Still, the fair-haired model is really quite pretty, and is genuinely full-figured, which earns SizeAppeal points for adopting a size-positive approach. And the clothing is appealing. I like the ivory-colored dress she is wearing in one image, with the shawl over her shoulders.

Besides the rotating images on the cover of the web site, SizeAppeal has a "Behind the Scenes" page, which shows more of this campaign. It's a slice of Americana: