View Full Version : Justine Legault: Swimwear for Krista

11th December 2009, 16:35
Under normal circumstances, a swimwear campaign by Justine Legault would be just about the most exciting thing that anyone has ever seen. However, while these pictures are thrilling, they suffer from the fact that the company that produced the promo (Krista, a division of Christina.ca) cropped them, and reproduced them at small sizes, so that what could have been a campaign for the ages is less than it should have been.

That's not to take away from the fact that Justine herself looks stunning.


You can perceive a curvy waist in this shot:


And in most of the pictures, her luscious thighs are evident.






However, if the company had taken her out to a sandy beach and shot her in the manner of a Sports Illustrated swimwear model, then they could had just about the most gorgeous images of all time on their hands.

As it is, even with very rudimentary pictures, the model's beauty is amazing. I hope this leads to a major swimwear campaign for Justine in the future, with high production values. She is a living angel.